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Report: More Than 2,000 British Kids Forced Into Sex Slavery

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Rapists have groomed 2,000 children for sex in England, according to a report from the country’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

The report follows recent stories in the Daily Mail and Telegraph about the “Asian” gangs that are turning girls into sex slaves and prostitutes using drugs and alcohol.

The CEOPC reports that it must be careful in describing the ethnicity of the criminals because it lacks the data to draw conclusions.

The Victims

The CEOPC found that most of the victims were troubled white girls:

2,083 victims of child sexual exploitation were reported to CEOP. The vast majority of victims in the dataset are female, although, in 31% of cases, the gender of the victim was unknown. Although the majority of victims in the dataset are female, difficulties in recognising sexual exploitation among boys and young men are likely to have led to an underrepresentation of male victims. The most common ages at which a child comes to the attention of statutory or non-statutory agencies are 14 and 15. The data found that victims were from a range of ethnicities although the majority were white. Among the 2,083 victims, 61% are white, 33% are unknown, 3% asian, and 1% Black. Research suggests that minority ethnic groups are likely to be under-represented due to additional barriers they face in reporting and accessing mainstream services.

The girls are often truants and troublemakers, the report says. They “frequently go missing from home or run away for varying periods of time” and “the majority of victims were disengaged from school. This was manifested in truanting, a lack of interest and frequent poor behaviour, including bullying peers. Many victims were also themselves victims of bullying.”

As well, the report says, “The vulnerability of many victims renders them particularly susceptible to the grooming tactics employed by perpetrators. All victims in the dataset had been groomed to some extent by their exploiter with a variety of coercive tactics used to control them and keep them in exploitative situations.”


Although newspaper reports have repeatedly fingered “Asian” men for the crimes, CEOPC downplays the role they play in the sex slavery trade. Indeed, the report claims authorities did not record nationality or ethnicity for many offenders at the time of arrest.

The report says that 38 percent of offenders are white, while 26 percent are Asian. Thirty-two percent, it says, are “unknown.”

The report concedes that authorities are confused about the matter:

In the majority of cases, where nominal nationality was not recorded at the point of data capture, nominal nationality is unknown. In order to establish nationality conclusively, nominal identity must be verified through investigation.… Nationalities are not known in many cases. In some cases, an invalid nationality was recorded for a nominal. For example, a small number of nominals were recorded as being "African." Invalid nationalities have been amalgamated in the ‘unknown’ category. Where nationality is known, the majority of nominals have been recorded as British. The top three recorded nationalities of nominals are British, Pakistani and Iraqi....

In relation to ethnicity the data was often recorded to a particularly poor standard at the point of capture. "Ethnicity" was often conflated with "nationality." Neither factor is captured according to a standardised or conventional classification scheme. For example, in many circumstances, a single entry for both "ethnicity" and "nationality" may have been recorded as "British Asian" by a police force or other agency. Clearly, this entry is inadequate for the classification of ethnicity according to conventional schemes. The analysis of ethnicity data submitted as part of this assessment is therefore constrained.

Thus does the CEOPC say that further study is needed to determine if “a certain issue need to be addressed within a community context.”

One big question, of course, would be how many of the “unknown” perpetrators are actually Asian men, or better yet, Muslims.

As the BBC put it, “The report stressed that this data was poor because in nine out of 10 cases, the research could not detail the meaning of "Asian.”

Newspaper Reports

The New American reported last week that ethnicity and even religion were clear in the cases showing up in London’s newspapers. They have repeatedly published reports about “Asian” Muslim gangs turning girls into sex slaves and prostitutes. Asian seems to be a euphemism for Muslim. Those reports show that the authorities actually know a quite a bit more about the ethnicity and/or nationality of the perpetrators than this latest report suggests.

Indeed, most the offenders, the Daily Mail reported, quoting the Jill Dando Institute of Security of Crime Science, are Pakistani Muslims. The institute found 17 prosecutions for such crimes since 1997.

"Police and social services have been accused of fueling a culture of silence which has allowed hundreds of young white girls to be exploited by Asian men for sex," the paper reported, quoting the Dando Institute.

Agencies have identified a long-term pattern of offending by gangs of men, predominantly from the British Pakistani community, who have befriended and abused hundreds of vulnerable girls aged 11 to 16....

In total, 56 people, with an average age of 28, were found guilty of crimes including rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child.

Three of the 56 were white, 53 were Asian. Of those, 50 were Muslim and a majority were members of the British Pakistani community.

A detective told the paper, “To stop this type of crime you need to start everyone talking about it but everyone's been too scared to address the ethnicity factor.” As well, the detective said, “No one wants to stand up and say that Pakistani guys in some parts of the country are recruiting young white girls and passing them around their relatives for sex, but we need to stop being worried about the racial complication.”

PC Police

Police in England, The New American also reported, quoting the Telegraph, are hiding the truth for fear of a Muslim “backlash.”

Such is the code of silence that police cannot even protect a favored group in modern democratic societies: homosexuals.

Muslims in Britain are terrorizing homosexuals, but the police, one homosexual activist says, are more afraid of the Muslims than they are of the homosexuals. According to the Telegraph,

Peter Tatchell, the gay human rights campaigner, said: “The police said no-one was allowed to talk publicly about this because they didn’t want to upset the Muslim community. We’ve made very clear the difference between the Muslim community as a whole and these particular fundamentalists, and the fact that the police wouldn’t publicly say what they knew was an absolute disgrace.”

Tatchell says homosexuals won’t bring up the subject either because they are “now terrified of similar false, malicious allegations of racism or Islamophobia.”

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