Germany is set to add a third gender option for its citizens.

As Catalonia continues its quest for independence, the question of the right of a people to secede begs for answers.

What's behind the Catalan bid for independence from Spain?

In an Austrian election that has sparked unprecedented global interest, a 31-year-old politician widely described by the establishment media as an “anti-immigration” conservative is set to become the world's youngest leader after his party dominated at the polls. Riding a wave of populist fervor amid a continental uprising against the establishment — and its deeply unpopular open-borders policies in particular — Sebastian Kurz portrayed himself as an outsider ready to take on out-of-control elites in Austria and at the European Union in Brussels. Whether he will do what he promised, though, remains to be seen. And despite the “wonderkid” image pushed by the media, there are indications that Kurz may not be the genuine anti-establishment, anti-globalist superhero voters thought they were selecting.

The United Nations and its widely ridiculed International Criminal Court just suffered another massive blow — possibly a fatal one — to whatever credibility they may have had left.

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