Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won reelection, and his Fidesz party won 133 of the national assembly’s 199 seats, likely positioning it to obtain a super majority.

Known for being the first European capital with a Muslim mayor, London is now known for a crime wave that has seen the city surpass NYC in homicides for the first time in two centuries.


Since England banned handguns in 1997, the murder rate has gone up 50 percent. Especially troublesome is a surge in the number of murderers using knives.

Johan van Hulst, a Dutch professor credited with saving 600 Jewish children from the Holocaust, died March 22, aged 107.

A Christian migrant who returned to Syria from Austria, a Croatian man who grew up in Sweden but recently moved to Poland, and a woman who left for Hungary because Sweden is now unsafe are all part of a secondary European migration — caused by Muslim migration.

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