They’re usually called the Brussels police. Now some may call them the Thought Police. Whatever the case, they recently arrested the driver of a Hungarian-government-commissioned van — because they didn’t like the anti-migration message it bore. Welcome to 1984, effete social-justice-warrior style.

A migration scheme, the Brexit delay, and carbon fuel taxes cause huge, continent-wide backlash against UN-EU globalist elites.

An increasing number of Jews are considering leaving Europe.

When is “far right” actually moderate? When it’s defined by the far Left. Such appears the case with Spain’s Vox party, which was vaulted to prominence in December 2’s Andalucían election. 

The future of Brexit is uncertain as Prime Minister Theresa May delays a key vote on her current plan. May is looking to get a better deal from the EU on the “Irish Backstop” issue.

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