A 69-year-old Dutchman is suing to have his legal age changed to 49, arguing that it's no different from transgenders seeking legal gender changes.

Faced with rising German tension over her open borders immigration policy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced she will not run again in 2021 and give up her position as leader of her party.

A ruling in the European Court of Human Rights last week chose Islamic “religious feelings” over the right to free expression of its citizens.

While Poland’s government has thus far managed to keep unassimilable migrants out of its country, it hasn’t been as successful with another foreign import: the homosexual agenda. 

VIDEO - Journalist Eunicka Chojecka sits down with The New American to discuss Go Against the Tide’s impact on the youth in Poland. Eunicka also shares from her experiences of communist influence in education while working toward her Ph.D.

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