VIDEO - In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine, Hungarian Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations Zoltán Kovács outlined his nation's resistance to the European Union's assault on freedom and Christianity. He explained the reason why the internationalists in Brussels are working to flood Europe with illegal immigrants. And he noted that centralized control was already tried in Europe under communism, and it failed miserably. Kovács touted great relations with the United States and vowed that Hungary would continue defending its people and Christian civilization.

A ban on the burqa — is this an issue of religious liberty?

Just a few months after Ireland voted to make abortions legal, legislators are now looking to make them free of charge.

The Hungarian government says it is defending its people and European values from the EU's assault.

British Conservative Party members are in a rhetorical war over the weak Brexit strategy of Prime Minister Theresa May.

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