The European Union — adding new members and completing a Constitution — threatens the freedom of Europe and foreshadows similar processes under way with the FTAA.

Mikhail Gorbachev is coming to Middle America. To Wisconsin’s Fox Cities, to be precise — a group of communities on the Fox River clustered around the city of Appleton. Mr. Gorbachev will be the keynote speaker and main attraction at an October 1st-3rd conference that proposes to launch a new project called Communities for International Development. Some Fox Cities business, media, and academic leaders are all aglow over the supposed opportunities and prestige the Gorbachev visit will bring. However, the Appleton-based John Birch Society offers a far less naпve, and more realistic, take on the hype-driven event.

Through NATO, the UN has acquired through the back door what it has not been able to achieve openly.

Did Putin and his KGB comrades arrange the 1999 al-Qaeda terrorist attacks in Russia? If so, is the KGB also complicit in al-Qaeda's September 11th attacks?

Much of the world sat glued before their television screens, eyes and ears transfixed by the drama unfolding in a Los Angeles courtroom. The closing arguments by Johnnie Cochran and Chris Darden in the O.J. Simpson trial held millions in thrall.

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