Sean Penn commercialDuring much of 2009 European TV audiences were shown a commercial in which Sean Penn makes a plea for a "human rescue plan." The left-leaning actor rolls out a long roll of dollar bills showing the costs of the U.S. and EU stimulus plans, as well as the cost of the war in Iraq. He then compares the long rolls with a single dollar bill — representing the $3 billion dollars he claims could feed every hungry schoolchild for a year.

Socialist International at COP15World government and world socialism. Those are the explicit goals of the Socialist International, one of the planet's most influential organizations, but one that is virtually unknown to the vast majority of Americans, since it is rarely reported on in the United States' major media.

Iceland protestAs reported previously, last year’s financial meltdown in Iceland seemed in many ways to offer a summary of the worldwide economic crisis. Rampant speculation, massive deficit spending, soaring unemployment, bank collectivization, and various schemes that, to say the least, did not seem to be in the national interest, may take on different forms in different countries, but points of familiarity remain the same.

The Council of Europe is set to investigate the World Health Organization’s swine flu campaign this month over allegations of improper influence from pharmaceutical companies in declaring the H1N1 “pandemic” and the promotion of “inefficient” and potentially dangerous vaccination strategies.

PachauriMany analysts bemoan the failure of governments at December's UN Climate Change Conference to arrive at a legally binding agreement to rescue the world from alleged pending eco-disaster. But the UN's top climate official claims Copenhagen was, in many ways, a success.

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