European leaders reached an agreement over the weekend on bailing out the profligate Greek government with up to $40 billion in taxpayer-funded loans at below-market interest rates, easing fears of a default but prompting outrage among Europeans.

The Socialist government of Greece has announced an austerity program that freezes pensions, cuts the salary of civil service employees, and increases taxes as a way of restoring confidence in the ability of Greece to meet its financial obligations. The government of this Mediterranean nation suffers from the same sort of extravagant spending and imprudent long-term obligations that have wreaked havoc in other European nations like Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Iceland. The actions of the Greek government have not worked. 

Shroud of TurinAfter a 10-year hiatus in public viewing, the Shroud of Turin will again go on display from April 10 to May 23 at the cathedral in Turin, Italy. The 14-foot-long, 4-foot wide, linen fabric with the image of a naked, bloody, bearded man is regarded by millions of Christians to be the burial cloth that covered the body of Jesus Christ in the tomb after his crucifixion. The image of the Man in the Shroud, they believe, was miraculously formed. Skeptics claim it is a medieval forgery, so longstanding arguments about it are certain to be raised again in the media.

obamacare europeRasmussen Reports show that a whopping 54 percent of Americans are still against the healthcare reform, while 40 percent are in favor of the passage. Opponents are fueled by a variety of reasons, particularly the cost of the plan, but no reason is perhaps as convincing and terrifying as evidence that Obamacare is doomed to fail. The condition of the National Health Service (NHS), England’s health care system, which is similar to that of Obamacare, is indicative of the future of America’s health care, and it is frightening.

A nurse in England is claiming discrimination after hospital policy punishes her for wearing a crucifix to work. Shirley Chaplin, a 54-year old Christian nurse at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust Hospital in England, was moved into an office position after refusing to remove her crucifix. Nurse Chaplin claimed that removing her crucifix would “violate her faith.”

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