Tony BlairTony Blair, global-warming activist and former British prime minister, is under fire from the media for allegedly trying to cash in on climate change. His company, Windrush Ventures, Ltd., registered a new Internet name of "Low Carbon Capital Fund" just weeks before the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. David Derbyshire with the Daily Mail reports that some view this as Blair's way of preparing to make money off green technology. Derbyshire questioned Blair's office, and a spokesman responded, "From time to time, we register names in an area we may be interested in."

Obama in CopenhagenParties on both sides of the global-warming debate are calling the UN Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen a failure. Instead of producing a legally binding treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions, a majority of participating nations merely agreed to "take note" of the Copenhagen Accord, a non-binding agreement to commit to significant emission reductions by next year and to fund environmentally "vulnerable" countries.

Gore effectOver four inches of snow fell in Copenhagen last night as temperatures dipped to below 25°F, not including wind chill. Officials with Denmark's Meteorological Institute said there is a high probability of a white Christmas in Denmark, which has occurred only seven times in the last 100 years. This is what is known as "The Gore Effect," a strange phenomenon involving extreme or unusual cold and blizzards that seems to follow Al Gore and his global-warming crusade.

cancer DNAAccording to Times Online for December 17, researchers led by Professor Mike Stratton of the Cancer Genome Project at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute near Cambridge, England, have cracked the genetic codes of two human cancers: small-cell lung cancer and malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

ClintonU.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is promising delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference billions in foreign aid to developing countries. She's also promising commitment to forming an international authority with regulatory powers over energy and the environment.

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