Italian courtAn Italian court convicted 23 CIA agents for kidnapping an Egyptian dissident on the streets of Milan November 3, sparking a global outcry against CIA “extraordinary rendition” tactics for terrorist suspects. None of the Americans was actually present at the trial, as all of the suspects had fled the country in advance of the investigation.

Berlin WallReuters reported on November 4 that for many members of the odious Stasi, the secret police of the old East German Communist government, the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall was not a time of celebration. That is a recurring theme among pro-Communist academicians in America, old elites within Communist run nations, and even President Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who a few weeks ago spoke glowingly of Marxism.

On October 24, the Francophone European Association for Baha’i Studies convened its annual conference in Luxembourg. Normally, the minutes of the meetings of such a niche organization would not be newsworthy. This year, however, the group’s agenda was dominated by discussions of the anxiously awaited future of a new world order and a one-world government.

marijuana“Drug Czar” Professor David Nutt, the top British adviser on drugs, was fired last week over controversial statements criticizing current drug policies. The dismissal has prompted outrage among government scientists and even resignations among members of his council. Now, he is leading a revolt and threatening to form a new independent committee to continue his work.

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the traditional display of crucifixes in Italian classrooms violates the rights of parents and children.

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