UN MilitaryAs we reported yesterday, the world-government-building plans of globalists such as Gideon Rachman and Strobe Talbott, which are so appealing to one-world elites, and their propagandists, still don’t set well with average Americans.

The Financial Times"And now for a world government." That is the title of an important op-ed by Gideon Rachman that appeared in the Financial Times of London — important both for the showcase in which it appeared and the smug admissions it makes.

SunSpeaking near the conclusion of the two-week UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland, on December 11, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), who will chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the next Congress, predicated more aggressive participation by the Obama administration in global climate-change talks than occurred during the Bush administration. According to Kerry, "It will be like the difference between night and day."

Vladimir PutinDuring a nationwide call-in program called "A Conversation with Vladimir Putin," broadcast live from a Moscow studio on December 4, the Russian prime minister and former president conveyed a positive forecast for U.S.-Russian relations during the impending administration of Barack Obama.

Sweden UnsuccessfulThe Swedish welfare state is far from successful when it comes to integrating immigrants into its economy. Among first-generation immigrants from non-industrialized countries, less than half the adults are active in the labor market. Welfare dependency is nine times higher amongst this group compared to the rest of society.

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