Greece is about to become a vassal state, totally subsumed and controlled by the EU, needing permission to take any significant action. It will no longer be a sovereign nation. 

According to recently published official documents, a scandal-plagued U.K. government snooping unit bombastically styling itself the “Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group” (JTRIG) has been using “behavioral science,” social-media trolls, and online propaganda to manipulate public opinion and destroy critics at home and abroad. 

If July 20 comes and goes without resolution or a payment from Greece, then the chances for a Greek exit not only from the euro but from the EU increase greatly.

This surprising vote changes little: Greece is still insolvent and will remain so until the free market is allowed to flourish there.

Teachers in British public schools may search students’ lunch boxes and “confiscate, keep or destroy” any items they find that violate school food policies, declared U.K. Education Minister Lord Nash.

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