London is one of the world’s most surveilled cities, but authorities still fail to effectively tackle crime, with less than one in 20 muggings and burglaries being solved. But police are still able to track down thought criminals who criticize Islam.

Another major scandal is brewing at the disgraced UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. With former UNESCO boss and longtime Communist Party bigwig Irina Bokova and her communist husband both accused of widespread corruption, the controversial new head of the UN “education” agency — herself a Socialist Party member — gave them both diplomatic immunity. The scheme, which appears designed to protect the communist duo from corruption allegations across multiple jurisdictions, includes a bizarre contract paying Bokova $1 that has drawn intense criticism and caused even more suspicion. But for now, archaic UN “diplomatic immunity” protections are likely to hamper any law-enforcement investigations or potential prosecutions.

Call it the European DisUnion: While Angela Merkel is battling for her political life in Germany, a brief Franco-Italian war of words was fought over Muslim migration.

The plan to flood Europe with Muslim migrants is increasingly being challenged, with EU states Hungary, Poland, Austria, and Italy taking more and more of hard line against it. Now opposition to it threatens to topple German chancellor Angela Merkel’s government. 

Follow the money and the ideology. That was the message of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a recent interview, as he stated that Europe’s population was purposely being replaced by venal ideologists — such as billionaire George Soros — who hope to profit from the continent’s “ruination.”

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