The infamous annual Bilderberg meetings, which bring together global powerbrokers from government, business, finance, intelligence, royalty, media, central banking, academia, and more, are set to begin this week in the United Kingdom. In line with an apparent trend developing in recent years, the veil of secrecy surrounding the mere existence of the controversial confab has slowly been pierced as more and more major media outlets report on the gathering. Taxpayers will be picking up much of the tab, but the growing numbers of protesters and reporters seeking answers will not be allowed in.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “renewable energy revolution” is killing the German economy, but Obama and Greens keep pointing to Germany’s debacle as the model we should follow.

Remaining support for the increasingly powerful but highly controversial European Union is crumbling amid the ongoing economic crisis, an influential survey released this week revealed. Of course, the EU was never very popular, as even establishment media outlets now admit, but trust in the sovereignty-stealing scheme is now imploding at a record pace. According to the Pew Global poll, ever-greater problems with the single euro currency and the economy appear to be among the primary factors driving the growing Europe-wide hostility against the Brussels-based regime.

Favorable views of the super state plunged in seven out of eight countries surveyed, with the median dropping by 15 percent. Meanwhile, the number of Europeans with a positive attitude reached record lows in most nations. France saw the most dramatic implosion of support, dropping by nearly 20 percent.

Russian Air Force nuclear bombers fly dangerously close to U.S. and Swedish airspace, raising concerns over Sweden's military readiness and Russia's overseas intentions. 

On May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw a military parade glorifying the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War (World War II) 68 years ago.




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