Right-wing parties in Europe are flirting with the Jews in that continent — and many Jews are responding.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be preparing to step off the political stage, but she’s apparently going out not with a whimper but a globalist bang. This was signaled recently at an event organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, where the German leader and ex-communist proclaimed, “In this day nation states must today — should today, I say — be ready to give up sovereignty."

Claas Relotius, an award-winning “journalist” for Germany’s premiere news magazine Der Spiegel, fabricated his Trump-hating/America-hating stories out of his bigoted imagination.

Cops collared five more suspects on Monday in the beheading of two young Scandinavian women, and identified the mastermind of the savage attack. Now, 18 are in custody.

The Project Fear II propaganda campaign is in full swing, as globalists try to scare British voters into reversing Brexit, the 2016 referendum decision to exit the European Union.

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