The European Union super-state and the globalist establishment that controls it, along with the open-borders and mass-migration agendas they are pushing, just suffered a massive defeat in Italy's elections. The huge victory of so-called “populist,” right-of-center political parties was almost universally viewed as a stunning rebuke of the EU — and especially of its unpopular agenda to flood Europe with Islamic immigrants while de-Christianizing the culture and smashing self-governing nation-states. Some commentators have compared the outcome to Brexit or Donald Trump's election to the U.S. presidency. However, with negotiations on forming a government just beginning, the voter outrage against the establishment could still be blunted by behind-the-scenes scheming.  

It was said they didn’t exist. It was said that anyone who talked about them was an “Islamophobe” driven by blind bigotry to oppose Muslim migration. But now the primary author of Muslim migration into Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has admitted that no-go zones do, in fact, exist.

Officials from the European Union super-state and its formerly sovereign member states are plotting to punish the United States using the World Trade Organization, according to news reports. The Europeans are apparently upset about the tax cuts backed by President Donald Trump, which they claim are in violation of WTO rules and might result in businesses and capital fleeing from bloated European welfare states to the United States.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said a return to Christianity was Europe's “last hope” if it is going to avoid destruction at the hands of globalists.

After decades of United Nations “peacekeeping” troops and officials raping women and children all over the world with complete impunity and even “diplomatic immunity,” a chorus of global outrage is reaching epic proportions. A handful of predators are facing justice. But the tsunami of public fury comes as widely reported estimates suggest some 60,000 victims have been raped and sexually abused by UN officials over just the last decade — with almost nobody punished but the victims and whistleblowers.

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