The European Parliament claims it wants to protect its citizens from videos that use so-called hate speech and incitement to violence, but in action it is banning Christian and conservative opinion.

A U.K. hospital refused further treatment for a terminally ill baby, and now a court won't even let the parents withdraw their son so they can take him to the United States for treatment.

Multiple establishment-backed globalist candidates were defeated in the French election this weekend, paving the way for a rare runoff next month between anti-globalist Marine Le Pen and establishment globalist Emmanuel Macron. The stakes are extremely high for France and the West. And while pollsters are already predicting that the remaining establishment globalist will win, more than a few analysts noted that they said the same thing about Hillary Clinton and the pro-European Union camp in Britain's historic Brexit vote.

Judicial Watch filed suit against the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development for allowing U.S. taxpayer's money to be used by George Soros’ groups to infiltrate Macedonia’s conservative government.

Brexit — Britain's exit from the increasingly authoritarian European Union — has become so popular that the Conservative Party leadership has embraced it, looking for an electoral sweep in June.

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