To improve business competitiveness and revitalize the economy, France’s government has pledged $25 billion in tax credits to businesses.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has just faced a humiliating defeat in a recent non-binding vote in the House of Commons. Enough members of his own Conservative Party voted against the government — demanding that he deliver substantial reductions in the European Union budget — so that even with the support of his coalition Liberal Party, the vote went against Cameron. 

In the past two years thousands of teenage girls across the United Kingdom — some as young as 13 — have been given contraceptive injections or implants without their parents’ knowledge or consent, according to National Health Service (NHS) data obtained by the Daily Telegraph. The newspaper obtained the data from NHS trusts (regional healthcare authorities) via Freedom of Information laws.

BERLIN – Leaders in the homeschooling movement from some two dozen countries signed a historic document dubbed the “Berlin Declaration” on November 3, demanding that governments around the world respect families and the fundamental human right to home education while slamming authorities in places like Germany and Sweden that ruthlessly persecute homeschoolers. 

The Berlin Declaration, the first of its kind, argues that the right to home educate must be respected by every jurisdiction — after all, no government can legitimately violate the fundamental rights of citizens.

Francois Hollande, the new socialist president of France, has a plan for solving his nation’s economic woes: raising taxes. Having already promised much higher taxes on the rich, he is now going to impose a 160-percent increase in the tax on beer.

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