The battle in London for the life of Charlie Gard, a 10-month-old born with a rare genetic condition, intensifies as protesters and world leaders join the action, and the Vatican and the United States have offered to help.

Europe’s refugee/migrant crisis is back with a vengeance. And the ruling class elites are pushing for a United Nations Global Compact on Migration that would spell the end of Europe — and national sovereignty worldwide.

The life of 10-month-old Charlie Gard hangs in the balance as doctors determine when he will die.

The United Nations General Assembly, dominated by unfree regimes and even mass-murdering dictators, voted this month to create a new UN “terrorism” agency to supposedly wage the emerging global terror war. The new UN outfit, known as the “United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office,” will be led by a Russian terror czar and charged with leading the UN's terror efforts and coordinating national governments' implementation of global terrorism policies coming down from the international body. Meanwhile, the UN and many of its member regimes continue to come under fire for their well-documented links to and support for terror, tyranny, and extremism.

VIDEO - The mass-murdering Communist dictatorship enslaving mainland China has taken control of the self-styled global law-enforcement agency Interpol, and is using it to extend its totalitarian reach around the world. In this video, The New American foreign correspondent Alex Newman explains how a senior Communist Chinese agent is now at the helm of Interpol. And Beijing wasted no time in trying to use Interpol's international arrest system to capture a Chinese whistleblower in the United States who is exposing corruption among the communist elites. Alex explains that Interpol, which has been abused and captured by autocrats before, must be completely reconsidered.
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