The United Nations “human rights” apparatus is being accused of, among other abuses, handing to the Communist Chinese dictatorship the names of activists who were set to expose the regime's crimes at a UN review of China's record. One of the dissidents in question ultimately died in detention. At least several other Chinese dissidents whose identities were reportedly provided to the regime by UN officials were also detained ahead of their trips to Geneva, according to reports. And then, making matters worse, the UN “human rights” leadership appears to have retaliated against the UN whistleblower who finally exposed and stopped the whole sordid affair.

Speaking to a UN summit for "youth" this week, top UN leaders demanded that children worldwide be conscripted into the effort to impose the UN's Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as the "master plan for humanity."

The ruling by Britain's Supreme Court that the popular referendum by the British people to leave the European Union must be voted on by Parliament should alert Americans that the best way to get out of an international super-state is to never join one in the first place.

Emboldened by the British “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union and President Donald Trump's historic victory over the globalist establishment, European political leaders opposed to globalism and the establishment met in Koblenz, Germany, over the weekend to cement their alliance and plan for potential victories in the months ahead. The gathering, organized by the pro-sovereignty “Europe of Nations and Freedom” alliance, featured senior leaders in the anti-establishment movement from across the continent. They vowed to join forces in the fight against the transnational elite.

Under pressure to cut costs, Britain's National Health Service will begin rationing new drugs it deems "too expensive."

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