Globalist insiders of the CFR, ECFR, Bilderberg Group, Chatham House, and Trilateral Commission refuse to accept the Brexit verdict.

Margaret Thatcher led the United Kingdom's Conservative Party to victory in three national elections, but when she dared oppose the European Union, she was cast aside.

We must expect a similar effort now by the globalist elites to reverse the Brexit vote.


The Brexit vote on June 23 means Britain will exit the European Union, right? Isn’t that what it was all about? Well, not really, according to a growing chorus of voices that insists “No” doesn’t mean no.

The good news following Brexit includes the angst being felt by the insiders as they see their plans exposed and threatened.

Talk about being tone deaf. After the historic British vote to ditch the globalist European Union super-state, the increasingly embattled EU appears to be doubling down on its anti-sovereignty extremism with the political equivalent of "let them eat tyranny." Among other schemes, leading EU member governments are threatening fellow members with an “ultimatum” amid a push to abolish the remaining vestiges of nationhood. One reporter described the extreme plot, unveiled this week, as a plan to "morph" EU nations into a “Giant Superstate.”

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