“It’s a man, baby!” was a mistaken notion and part of comedy when uttered by fictional British spy Austin Powers in 1997. But expressing this sentiment in today’s Britain — even where it applies — can get you in big trouble, as a 38-year-old mother of two found out the hard way. 

In a lament written for the Project Syndicate on Monday, billionaire George Soros sees the coming collapse of the European Union.

After months of Yellow Vest protests that have sapped French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity and patience, the embattled head of state is considering taking his problems to the people in a referendum.

A recalcitrant European Union and an immovable British parliament portend an arduous path ahead for Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Speaking at the globalist World Economic Forum in Davos and later in Berlin after receiving the Fulbright Prize, globalist German Chancellor Angela Merkel doubled down on demands for more globalism, both in the form of regional governance and global governance. And she warned about the alleged dangers of those who reject her globalist ideology. Ironically but not surprisingly, the emissary of Communist China's regime, the most murderous dictatorship in the history of humanity, broadly agreed with Merkel's radical and deeply unpopular views.

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