The Muslim Council of Britain has passionately and specifically condemend the attack of an individual mentally ill man on the mosque in Finsbury Park after issuing bland, cut-and-paste staements rife with trite clichés in the wake of three deadly Islamic terrorist attacks in as many months.

Brexit is in danger of being derailed by establishment globalists. A snap election called by controversial U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to ostensibly help the Conservative (Tory) Party gain a larger majority in Parliament has resulted in what is being painted as a humiliating defeat, sparking calls for her resignation and for a rethink of Brexit. While the Tories are still the largest bloc in the U.K. House of Commons, they lost their majority. Ultra-far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party, who said they would honor the Brexit vote as well, picked up most of the seats lost by Conservatives.

Pointing to the latest terror attack to hit the United Kingdom, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May again called for international agreements to regulate and censor the Internet under the guise of battling “extremism.” Under the proposed plot, international agreements would be used to regulate speech in cyberspace with a goal of stopping “ideologies” that authorities do not agree with from having a “safe space” online. The scheme also seeks to conscript private companies and foreign powers into the government jihad against freedom of speech and freedom of religion. But critics have expressed alarm over the Orwellian implications of allowing the government to decide what can and cannot be said.

Six people have been killed along with the three terrorists who carried out the deadly attack in London late Saturday night, according to police. The attack — happening one week into Ramadan and less than two weeks after a deadly suicide bomb attack in Manchester — may indicate that more attacks are likely.

Police in London are responding to Jihadist terrorist attacks today in at least three parts of London. The attacks come less than two weeks after the deadly terrorist bombing of a concert in Manchester, England, killed at least 23 adults and children and injured at least 116 others.

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