While Poland’s government has thus far managed to keep unassimilable migrants out of its country, it hasn’t been as successful with another foreign import: the homosexual agenda. 

VIDEO - Journalist Eunicka Chojecka sits down with The New American to discuss Go Against the Tide’s impact on the youth in Poland. Eunicka also shares from her experiences of communist influence in education while working toward her Ph.D.

VIDEO - Paweł Chojecki, founder of Go Against the Tide, speculates about the tragic Air Force Tu-154 plane crash from 2010 which killed several important figures of Poland, including then President Lech Kaczyński.

VIDEO - Pastor Paweł Chojecki gives The New American an update on the status of communism in Poland. He confirms that there are former communist leaders who happen to have also become millionaires and billionaires along the way. Pastor Chojecki is also founder of "Go Against the Tide" in Poland, which aims to educate the people about current events.

Hundreds of thousands gathered in London on Saturday to call for a "do-over" on the Brexit vote. Meanwhile, Theresa May might be facing a bigger problem within her own party.

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