Just a few months after Ireland voted to make abortions legal, legislators are now looking to make them free of charge.

The Hungarian government says it is defending its people and European values from the EU's assault.

British Conservative Party members are in a rhetorical war over the weak Brexit strategy of Prime Minister Theresa May.

STOCKHOLM — The nationalist, pro-borders, Big Government party known as the Sweden Democrats, with further restrictions on immigration as the key plank in its platform, made large gains at the expense of establishment Big Government parties, preliminary results showed. That was despite the relentless demonization of the ostensibly anti-establishment party by every organ of the government and the establishment — the state-funded press, the commentariat that depends on it, and the politicians who opened Sweden's borders wide to hundreds of thousands of mostly Islamic migrants in recent years. Aside from the major gains by the anti-immigration party, however, there was no clear winner in Sweden's widely watched election this weekend. In fact, no party or alliance of parties secured anything close to a majority, meaning weeks of tough negotiations are expected before a government is formed. A number of critics criticized the election as “undemocratic.” Still, the establishment breathed a sigh of relief. 

Three eastern European countries that endured decades of communist rule are pleading with Walmart to stop selling shirts with symbols of the Soviet Union.

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