The European Court of Justice ordered Poland to suspend changes made to the nation’s constitution. On Wednesday of this week, the Polish parliament bent the knee to the European Union and modified the law.

Concern is rising in the U.K. over plans by a number of companies to microchip their employees.

VIDEO - In this interview, The New American's Alex Newman and William F. Jasper discuss how the mass immigration into the Western world advances the globalist objective of a New World Order. First they show that the "humanitarian" claims are a fraud. Then they show the "economic" rationale is a fraud. The real agenda is to smash nation-states on the road to global government.

The British voted to leave the EU, but the difficulties in carrying out that referendum should tell Americans, "Don't get into these deals."

Top officials in France and globalists from across the region want the European Union to develop its own military so it can become an “empire of peace,” as French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire put it this week.

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