The immigration problems in France are reaching crisis proportions, and the French people want something done about it.

Poland’s defense minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, has held talks with U.S. officials about having thousands of U.S. troops permanently stationed in Poland, presumably as a deterrent to possible Russian incursions.

On Friday, Irish voters cast votes to legalize abortion in a historic referendum vote that repealed Ireland's Eighth Amendment, which protected the right to life of unborn children. And though Northern Ireland has stated it will not bow to pressure to follow suit, British Prime Minister Theresa May is reportedly being asked to consider executive action to legalize abortion in the region.



The United Kingdom appears to be turning into a police state faster than even the most alarmist analysts believed possible. In what sounds like it could have come from George Orwell's nightmares, anti-immigration activist Tommy Robinson, without even having access to his lawyer, was sentenced to more than a year in prison after being caught reporting on the trial of an Islamic child-rape gang — and then, making matters worse, the judge gagged the press about the scandal, even forcing newspapers to delete their published articles. Unfortunately for British authorities, though, the news got out anyway. Now, the story is an international sensation. Meanwhile, growing domestic protests are demanding that the high-profile anti-Islamization activist be freed immediately, and supporters of the arrested activist around the world vowed to redouble their efforts.

On Friday, Irish citizens voted to repeal its constitution’s eighth amendment, which “acknowledges the right to life of the unborn,” with 66 percent of voters voting in favor of the repeal.  With the eighth amendment out of the way, the Irish government is expected to introduce legislation by the end of the year that will legalize abortions up to 12 weeks, and potentially longer, for any reason. The vote marks a significant departure from the nation’s once strongly pro-life, Catholic roots.

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