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Communist Mass-murderer Wins Suspicious El Salvador Election

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In what is widely being described as a “rigged” presidential election in El Salvador, “former” Marxist mass-murderer Salvador Sánchez Cerén with the globalist-backed and gangster-funded FMLN, a strong ally of Latin American communist and socialist tyrants, was declared the winner without a recount. Citing widespread fraud, the opposition ARENA party asked for the razor thin-margin election results to be recounted, investigated, or annulled. However, an electoral commission controlled by Sánchez Cerén’s communist guerrilla group-turned political party refused, declaring the ex-Marxist terror “commander” to be the winner by less than 6,400 votes. 

The controversial election, decided by about 0.2 percent if dubious official tallies are to be believed, is simply the latest example of a well-known Latin American communist revolutionary seizing executive power with support from socialist and communist forces across the region. It is also not the first time in recent memory — consider Venezuela’s recent elections, for instance — that the alleged electoral “victory” for autocratic candidates has been secured with a razor thin margin amid a questionable election that was widely viewed as rigged.

As allegations of fraud continued to swirl around the election, Norman Quijano of the more liberty-minded Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) declared himself the winner and asked for a public re-count of every vote — in the open. “If the FMLN continues with this fraud like what we have been seeing, this will be an illegitimate government, and if we let it, starting on June 1, the nation will have two presidents, one installed by force and one that is legitimate,” Quijano told rallying supporters last week, days after the dubious election. “The FMLN, which is essentially also the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, has refused to accept our petition.” 

Thousands of ARENA supporters also marched to the electoral tribunal last week demanding honesty in the tabulation of electronic voting records. “We cannot allow such a blatant fraud,” a 25-year-old cake shop owner and demonstrator named Prudencia Aparicio was quoted as saying by Reuters. ARENA vice-presidential candidate Portillo Cuadra added: “It is notorious and common knowledge that there were hundreds of records with irregularities and anomalies.” He also said FMLN-linked election officials should count the votes in the open to preserve what “little credibility” they have left.

Citing the example of anti-tyranny leaders in Venezuelacurrently being jailed, beaten, terrorized, and even murdered by the imploding socialist regime in Caracas — Quijano urged his supporters to remain calm and peaceful as they struggle for a recount and mount legal challenges. The presidential candidate also called on the domestic and international media to expose to the world the “running over of the popular will” being perpetrated in El Salvador by FMLN and its cronies in the electoral tribunal.

Among other evidence of fraud, Quijano said he provided authorities with videos and other proof showing that some 20,000 people had voted twice for the former Marxist commander. Separately, he said, almost 20,000 votes for ARENA were arbitrarily nullified at polling stations. ARENA has also accused the regime of letting gangsters out of prison to vote for the FMLN — hardly surprising considering the party’s strong links with notorious gangs, including the infamous MS-13.

“We estimate that we have been robbed by between 30,000 and 40,000 votes,” Quijano was quoted as saying in media reports. “We are presenting the names, last names, and identification document numbers of these people to the attorney general.” Even pro-FMLN activists said a recount would be good to assuage growing public fears that the election was rigged.

The electoral tribunal, controlled by FMLN apparatchiks and led by a member of the former communist guerrilla, however, refused the request to properly and openly recount the votes one by one. Instead, it declared that the tiny 0.2 percent margin supposedly in favor of the FMLN was somehow “irreversible.” “Based on the results, Salvador Sánchez Cerén and Oscar Samuel Ortiz are declared president and vice-president elect respectively, for the period from 1 June 2014 to 1 June 2019,” claimed electoral court President Eugenio Chicas, a member of the FMLN.

Authorities also refused a complaint filed to annul the vote over widespread fraud. A challenge filed with the constitutional chamber of the nation’s Supreme Court also appears to be going nowhere at the moment. The military, meanwhile, has said it will not enter the dispute, with leaders vowing to abide by the decision of the FMLN-dominated “Supreme Electoral Tribunal.” American globalist voices promptly celebrated the developments and called on the Obama administration to work closely with the new regime of the former Marxist mass-murderer, who is currently the vice president of the FMLN government. 

Reuters, in another stunning example of deception and journalist malpractice, quoted Dieter Druessel, a man it described merely as a “Swiss election observer,” claiming “we don’t see any basis for the accusations” made by the ARENA party. What Reuters failed to mention is that Druessel is actually a radical anti-capitalist with the “Central America Secretariat,” a Sandinista-linked revolutionary group of “solidarity” organizations dedicated to advancing socialism across the region. Other socialist and communist groups styling themselves “election observers” made similar claims purporting to dismiss accusations of massive fraud.  

The Washington Post deceived readers in a similar fashion. When mentioning the allegations of fraud, it quoted Alexis Stoumbelis, described as “executive director of the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), which had 35 people observing the election.” One second worth of research would reveal to anyone that CISPES is a radical outfit specifically founded to support Soviet-backed communist FMLN revolutionaries in their murderous campaign to overthrow El Salvador’s government and replace it with a Cuba-style dictatorship. 

Separately, the Organization of American States, currently run by Chilean Socialist Party operative José Miguel Insulza, claimed the vote was “fair” and “transparent.” The OAS boss and his political party, however, which includes the newly elected president of Chile who once defected to the communist terror regime ruling East Germany, have been widely criticized for coddling brutal Latin American autocrats while celebrating or ignoring the ongoing destruction of liberty and the wholesale trampling of human rights across the region.  

The Obama administration, which has been showering particularly large amounts of U.S. taxpayer funds on the FMLN-controlled Salvadorian government since the Marxists took office there, vowed to step up its efforts. Instead of addressing the fraud or pointing out the nature of the FMLN, the administration said it would continue forging its “partnership” with the Salvadorian regime as the ex-communist terror kingpin takes over from the current FMLN leader, a journalist who did not participate in the murderous Soviet-backed campaign to enslave the nation under communist tyranny.

“We, of course, applaud the Salvadoran people for exercising their democratic right in peaceful elections that international observers called free and fair,” State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki was quoted as saying during a press briefing without, of course, citing what “international observers” she was referring to. “We look forward to working in close partnership with the candidate chosen by the people of El Salvador to be their next president.” 

As The New American reported before the election, globalist Council on Foreign Relations luminaries and former establishment officials have been loudly demanding that the Obama administration continue pouring even more U.S. taxpayer money on the regime. Now, despite the serious allegations of fraud and the ex-Marxist revolutionary’s openly announced dictatorial ambitions, those establishment cries are growing even louder.

“Beyond financial assistance, a high-level U.S. delegation at the swearing-in ceremony would confer additional legitimacy on the election,” wrote CFR member Jason Marczak, now serving as deputy director of the globalist Atlantic Council's Latin America Center. “This would show the Salvadoran people, the business community, and the new president himself that the United States stand ready to be a partner.”

As The New American reported earlier this month, the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) regime has been receiving billions of dollars in aid from, among other forces, the embattled socialist Maduro autocracy in Venezuela. The Obama administration also selected the FMLN-controlled Salvadorian regime to be one of just four participants in its “Partnership for Growth” (PFG) initiative, showering hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on the former communist war lords. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even attended the inauguration of the previous FMLN president in 2009.  

In addition to the Obama administration and Western globalists, the FMLN has a wide assortment of other autocratic allies in the region and worldwide. Along with ruling parties from most Latin American countries, the former communist guerrilla group-turned political party is part of the powerful Foro de São Paulo (São Paulo Forum, or FSP). The U.S. government knows all about it.

The subversive socialist alliance was founded by Castro, the Sandinistas, former Brazilian President “Lula,” and others, and it has long openly included ruthless Marxist narco-terrorist groups such as the Colombian FARC. With strong support from the communist regime in Beijing, Moscow, and the U.S. foreign policy establishment, the shadowy network’s tentacles continue to spread.

It now appears that unless strong action is taken, El Salvador will be firmly under FSP autocratic control, too — with at least a good chance that the election was overtly rigged. That would leave just a handful of non-FSP governments in the region. Like the ongoing deception from the establishment, the implications of the trends for Americans and for freedom in Latin America are monumental.

Analysts say the best way to stop the accelerating evisceration of liberty across the region is simply to expose the forces behind it all. In El Salvador, a transparent recount with non-socialist observers present would also be helpful. For now, though, it is clear that the establishment press is determined to conceal the facts and brush the widespread allegations of fraud under the rug using brazen deception.

Photo of Salvador Sánchez Cerén: AP Images  

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe after growing up in Latin America. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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