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UN “Peace” Armies to Drastically Expand with Obama’s Support

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Even as the military arm of the United Nations struggles with scandals and atrocities perpetrated by its infamous “blue helmet” troops, the Obama administration joined forces with the UN and dozens of its member governments and dictatorships in pledging to strengthen the global body’s so-called “peacekeeping” machinations. The controversial planetary war-making forces, which have come under strong criticism for raping and slaughtering civilians amid various UN missions around the world, received strong backing to expand on a wide range of fronts. The Obama administration also emphasized again that it hopes to extract vastly more funds from U.S. taxpayers to support the UN’s “peace” enforcement worldwide.

Meeting on the sidelines of the 69th session of the dictator-dominated UN General Assembly, the summit last week on global “peacekeeping” was hosted by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and UN boss Ban Ki-moon. Other senior politicians and representatives of tyrants whose governments contribute large numbers of troops or major amounts of taxpayer funding were also in attendance. Among them: Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. High-level representatives for over 30 governments and dictatorships also attended to make pledges. Right now, the UN has more than 130,000 troops deployed around the world — a record — but insists that is not enough.

“The global security landscape is shifting dramatically,” Ban argued in his pitch for a stronger, faster, and more heavily armed military force under UN command to intervene around the world in an increasingly broad range of issues. “Civil conflicts coupled with terrorism, organized crime and health crises such as Ebola are threatening millions of people. More often than not, these dangers transcend borders. United Nations peacekeeping missions are a leading part of the international response to a wide array of threats.”

At the top of the controversial UN boss’s list of demands were greater “rapid response” capabilities to get troops “to the right place at the right time” using, for instance, more helicopters. He also called for greater coordination between UN forces and troops under the command of regional regimes such as the African Union and the European Union, among others. “What our missions need from all of you is sustained political and diplomatic backing,” explained Ban, who was recently in Latin America for a meeting of more than 130 regimes promoting what they all touted as a “New World Order.”

American taxpayers already pay the largest share of the UN’s military budget at almost 30 percent. For the Obama administration, however, that is not enough. At the summit last week, Biden again touted the administration’s plot to supersize contributions from the American taxpayer, with plans to boost U.S. funding levels by a massive 33 percent over 2014’s already high levels. As The New American reported in April, despite unfathomable levels of odious debt and the economic hardship being suffered by tens of millions of Americans, the White House is pledging and demanding billions more for military schemes by the UN and various illegitimate “regional” regimes it supports such as the African Union (AU).

Human Rights Watch reported this month that AU troops in Somalia were raping and sexually exploiting women and girls — a major problem going back decades among troops under UN command, too. At the most recent UN summit, the vice president also announced huge “investments” by U.S. taxpayers in what he called the “African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership,” a plot to train and equip the militaries of various African regimes — many run by dictators and criminals — to deploy as part of UN or “African Union” military missions. So far, such efforts have been marked largely by slaughter and exploitation of civilians to prop up favored governments.

Biden pointed out that the American public has been forced to fund the training of over 272,000 planetary “peacekeepers” in just the last decade alone — costing American taxpayers about $1 billion, plus interest, as the federal government continues to pile ever-more trillions worth of debt onto the backs of Americans. The federal government also contributes numerous police officers and military members for UN “peace” enforcement operations, in addition to bankrolling the development of self-styled global “police” forces to be deployed on UN orders, the White House boasted in a statement.   

“For the United States, UN peacekeeping today is more critical than ever to international peace and security,” the White House claimed in its bizarre “Fact Sheet,” purporting to speak for the United States rather than the increasingly unpopular administration. “But peacekeeping is under strain, with peacekeeping numbers at all-time highs.... At today’s summit, leaders reaffirmed their support for UN peacekeeping, both by announcing new commitments to strengthen UN operations to more effectively meet new challenges, and by emphasizing support for the UN Secretary-General’s strategic review of UN peace operations.”

Other politicians from around the world also pledged more support for the UN’s military machinations. Among the “commitments” announced at the controversial peacekeeping summit, the regimes ruling Indonesia, Nepal, and Egypt all vowed to provide more troops to serve under UN command. Various Islamist and Communist dictatorships, including the ruthless autocrats ruling over China and Vietnam, announced pledges to boost support for the UN’s increasingly powerful armed forces as well. For next year, national governments in each of the various "regional" regimes being imposed on humanity vowed to convene regional meetings to further boost support for UN and regional-regime military machinations. 

After the summit, a “Joint Statement on Support for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations” was signed by a collection of about 30 governments and dictatorships — including various communist, socialist, and Islamist regimes with brutal militaries and long histories of oppression and terror. “We note that UN peacekeeping operations have taken on increasingly significant and challenging roles in response to contemporary threats to international peace and security, and we pledge to assist the United Nations in mobilizing the support that these operations require to achieve their important mandates,” the governments said, adding that they underscore their “commitment to ensure that UN peacekeeping operations have the funding, forces, equipment, training, and capabilities they need.”

“Through our current contributions to peacekeeping operations and the announcements of new support we have each pledged today, our governments demonstrate our enduring commitment to strengthening UN peacekeeping operations,” the September 26 declaration states. “We call on other UN member states and the rest of the international community to join us and demonstrate similar support by announcing new commitments to UN peacekeeping operations.... Our governments commit to reconvene in one year on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, to assess the progress made and the challenges remaining, and to catalyze additional commitments to support UN peacekeeping operations.” In other words, get ready for a lot more “peacekeeping” at the barrel of a UN gun.

Despite all of the praises for “peace” forces under UN command at the summit, the global outfit’s track record has come under increasing fire in recent years. Among other scandals to rock the UN recently are corruption, impunity, lawlessness, spreading deadly diseases, and even murdering and sexually abusing civilian populations in countries they occupy — an ongoing problem with UN troops that has been documented around the world. The UN claims to be essentially immune from accountability, too, sparking further outrage.

Last year, fresh accusations were made against UN troops for raping and sexually exploiting civilians in UN-occupied Mali, in addition to support for forces that were exposed massacring civilians. In the Ivory Coast before that, UN “peace” forces and the French government — again with full support from the Obama administration — backed brutal Islamist militias to overthrow the Christian president of the country, slaughtering thousands of Christians along the way. In official U.S. documents released by WikiLeaks, UN troops were also exposed raping young Ivorian girls.

In 2010, meanwhile, anger was growing after “peacekeeping” forces under UN command and troops backed by the global body were accused by human rights groups of raping, pillaging, and massacring civilians from Somalia to the Congo. According to news reports, officials, aid organizations, and even a UN-backed “Group of Experts,” the planetary entity was sponsoring carnage and savagery on a massive scale. Even the reliably pro-establishment Associated Press covered the horrors in an article entitled “UN-Backed Congo Troops Killing, Raping Civilians.”

Going further back, history is also replete with UN-sponsored atrocities. In Rwanda, for example, UN “disarmament” bureaucrats forcibly disarmed civilians, many of whom were later exterminated in a government-backed genocide. In the early 1960s, meanwhile, the UN waged a ruthless war against the anti-communist people of Katanga in a bid to force them to submit to communist tyranny. Once the population was subjugated and terrorized into submission, the global entity perpetrated ghastly war crimes — documented in numerous books and documentaries — including massacres of civilians, attacks on medical personnel, and more.    

The mega boost for UN military schemes at the recent summit came amid a separate plot to further empower the self-styled global “law enforcement” outfit known as Interpol — again with powerful backing from the Obama administration. The news also came shortly after the UN — with strong support from Obama, of course — began openly adding unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) to its military machinations in Africa.

Amid the Obama administration’s non-stop efforts to empower the UN and its controversial tentacles, the global outfit has increasingly been taking aim at the United States. From blasting the U.S. Constitution and its protection for the God-given right to keep and bear arms to attacking the U.S. system of federalism and local police forces, America is now firmly and openly in UN crosshairs. Meanwhile, top UN bosses have been openly demanding U.S. submission to what it calls “international law” on everything from marijuana and local water policies to gun control and self-defense.

Instead of borrowing more to increase U.S. support to the UN — an outfit ridiculed as the “dictators club” — Congress should put its foot down and withdraw entirely. Legislation currently in Congress, H.R. 75: American Sovereignty Restoration Act, would end all U.S. participation in the UN, including all taxpayer-funded handouts to the outfit. Americans who care about liberty, national sovereignty, peace, and security must make their voices heard and “Get U.S. Out” of the UN once and for all.    

Photo of UN "Peacekeeping" troops

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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