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UN Ridiculed Over Non-Binding “Climate” Deal in Peru

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Under the guise of stopping alleged man-made “global-warming,” which stopped at least 18 years ago according to the satellite temperature record, the United Nations and its largely autocratic member regimes agreed to a “historic” deal to reduce human emissions of what scientists call the “gas of life.” Meeting in Lima, Peru, thousands of “climate” dignitaries representing more than 190 governments and dictators on Sunday agreed to the non-binding UN scheme, widely ridiculed as “toothless.” Among other elements, the deal calls for the extraction of even more wealth from Western taxpayers to fund Third World regimes, while prodding governments to force humanity to reduce its “carbon footprint.”

Of course, climate alarmists, warming theorists, and other catastrophists complained that the emerging UN CO2 regime does not legally “bind” any government to destroy its economy and further impoverish those it rules with wild and pointless reductions in COemissions. Others described the scheme as a face-saving measure because no government is legally obligated to cut the CO2 output of those it rules. Some climate realists, however, warned that the globalist anti-CO2 schemes could, if left unchecked, potentially be more dangerous than fascism or communism, which resulted in the murder of more than a hundred million people in the last century by their own governments.


“Freedom is our birthright,” observed Lord Christopher Monckton, former science adviser to U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and an outspoken proponent of prosecuting climate fraudsters, in a column about the Lima deal for WND. “The forthcoming climate treaty — if the failed Copenhagen draft of five years ago is any guide — may yet prove a greater threat to liberty than fascism or communism. For it is the same threat writ global, albeit with the jackboots and guns very carefully hidden — for now.” He also ridiculed global-warming theorists and profiteers at the Lima summit for failing to acknowledge the obvious: Every UN prediction on “climate” so far has proven to be spectacularly wrong.  

Under the scheme agreed to at Lima, participating national governments and dictatorships will be expected to produce a list of policy schemes they will impose on their subjects. Governments ruling over “rich” nations, for example, are “urged” by the agreement to outline plans to fork over huge sums of global-warming reparations (read: bribes) from taxpayers to Third World dictators and regimes that have kept their populations in poverty — $100 billion per year by 2020, to be precise. “Rich” governments are also supposed to produce plans to slash the carbon emissions produced by the populations they rule by next year.

In exchange for the “climate” loot from Western taxpayers, meanwhile, UN member regimes misruling poorer populations are expected to keep their subjects mired in perpetual energy poverty under the guise of stopping “global warming.” However, the “non-binding” nature of the latest UN scheme suggests to analysts that poorer regimes are not yet ready to further destroy economic growth. Indeed, the new government of India, for example, has defiantly stated over and over again that it will not elevate the anti-energy demands of global-warming theorists above the well-being of its largely destitute population of over a billion — even in exchange for climate reparations.  

“The Lima agreement is another acknowledgement of international reality,” explained Global Warming Policy Forum director Dr. Benny Peiser. “The deal is further proof, if any was needed, that the developing world will not agree to any legally binding caps, never mind reductions of their CO2 emissions…. As seasoned observers predicted, the Lima deal is based on a voluntary basis which allows nations to set their own voluntary CO2 targets and policies without any legally binding caps or international oversight.”

As usual, the chorus of establishment- and billionaire-backed doom-and-gloom climate alarmists lamented that the deal was supposedly not strong enough to stave off alleged warming (amid 18 years of no increase in global temperatures and record high levels of sea ice). “If a country doesn’t submit a plan, there will be no punishment, no fine, no black UN helicopters showing up,” complained self-styled “climate negotiations expert” Jennifer Morgan with the globalist World Resources Institute. “It relies on a lot of peer pressure.” Presumably UN black helicopters would be better — at least in the minds of climate hucksters.  

However, Morgan and other global warmists and climate profiteers remain hopeful that the Lima scheme will help lay the foundation for a stronger CO2 regime — potentially even a “binding” plot — to be foisted on humanity next year after the UN summit in Paris. Obama’s chief climate negotiator, Todd Stern, for example, claimed that having national governments set and tout CO2 limits to be imposed on their populations would help decrease emissions. “We see the sunlight as one of the most important parts of this,” Stern was quoted as saying by the New York Times.

The Times, of course, has abandoned any pretense of legitimate journalism, and now — like the Climategate fraudsters of yesteryear — brazenly prints fact errors on “global warming” on its front page in a pathetic attempt to help the cause. Last week, the Times’ resident climate propagandist, pseudo-journalist Carol Davenport, falsely claimed that the majority of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere came from the burning of fossil fuels. In reality, just a fraction of one percent of all greenhouse gases is a result of man’s activities.

This week, Davenport deceptively equated the horrifying pollution plaguing Communist Chinese cities with CO2 “pollution” produced by burning fossil fuels in, say, the United States. In the real world, CO2, which is emitted every time a person exhales and is crucial to all plant life, is an essential-to-life gas that even in extraordinarily high concentrations is completely harmless to humans. In fact, people drink CO2 every day in carbonated soda, whereas the toxic chemicals and fumes over China’s cities that actually do harm human health have nothing to do with carbon dioxide. The Times continues to mislead its readers by parroting over and over again the absurd UN/Obama fraud of CO2 as “pollution.”      

Still, more credible analysts and media outlets highlighted the reality of the circus in Peru. “Lima is just yet another re-enactment of the three-stage ritual that has become only too familiar over the past 20 years,” explained Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph. “First, we are treated to months of ludicrously unscientific hype, telling us that the threat of global warming is now worse than ever. Then, they all gather in some agreeable venue, for the ‘developing’ nations — led by China and India —– to say they will only play ball if the ‘developed’ world, led by the EU, the US and Japan, pays them $100 billion a year to curb their ‘carbon emissions.’ ”

With the UN’s increasingly discredited man-made catastrophic global-warming theories becoming punchlines among experts and scientists, it appears that the UN climate circus has largely given up on using its theories as a pretext for shackling humanity under a tyrannical planetary CO2 regime. Now, it seems to be mostly engaged in face-saving efforts to secure some sort of global deal that, while absurd and expensive, will be more limited in scope than its original totalitarian vision. Plus, with the U.S. Senate all but sure to reject any “binding” UN climate treaty, Obama has been forced to pursue alternative schemes if he is to achieve anything at all.  

However, despite the “toothless” scheme emerging from the CO2-spewing UN Lima summit, the danger of a full-blown UN climate regime remains as real as ever — unlike catastrophic man-made global warming (or cooling, which “climate scientists” predicted decades ago). Even the "toothless" scheme is a threat and should be rejected. As the UN climate circus wraps up its expensive taxpayer-funded confab in Peru and prepares to move on to Paris late next year, U.S. lawmakers must remain on high alert. In the likely case that the UN and the Obama administration make further progress or attempts in their unlawful plot to impose further climate tyranny on the American people, Congress must step in to protect the public. In the meantime, undoing Obama's climate decrees should be a top priority for lawmakers.

Photo of delegates holding signs at UN climate-change conference in Lima, Peru: AP Images

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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