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Bulgarian Communist Is Now “Frontrunner” to Lead UN

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With an apparent nod from the Obama administration, Bulgarian Communist Party operative and current UNESCO boss Irina Bokova (shown) is reportedly the “frontrunner” to become the next secretary-general of the United Nations. The controversial radical, whose communist roots run deep, is being touted to lead the UN by the Western globalist establishment and totalitarian Third World regimes — and not just because of her close ties with Moscow and reported acceptability to Obama. However, despite her past and her views being largely suppressed in the establishment press, Bokova’s candidacy should be troubling to all supporters of freedom, Judeo-Christian values, national sovereignty, and free markets.

The latest establishment media organ to tout Bokova’s bid for the top UN post was the Financial Times, a newspaper that is always well represented at the shadowy Bilderberg meetings bringing together top globalists from around the world. “It is perhaps no coincidence that of all the candidates touted so far the one most often considered to be the frontrunner is Irina Bokova,” reported Chair David Clark with the mysterious “Russia Foundation,” which, despite being virtually unknown and having a bizarre website that for some reason featured pornographic images on May 14, is being widely promoted by establishment and government-run media outfits. It was not immediately clear who Clark was referring to that was touting Bokova, but it is true that the establishment appears fully supportive of her bid.

In his piece published by the Financial Times, Clark suggests that the Bulgarian communist and humanist is well suited for the job. “She certainly ticks many of the right boxes: heavyweight UN experience, educated in Washington and Moscow, and a fluent French speaker to boot,” he wrote, without noting that her “education” in Moscow was at the mass-murdering Soviet regime’s State Institute of International Relations. “She is said to be acceptable to the U.S. and has been nominated by her own government, one of the few in the region that maintains cordial relations with Russia,” Clark reported. “Sources say she also enjoys the support of Poland, now very much a regional leader.”

Clark makes clear that the implications of the ongoing selection process to find a new UN boss go far beyond who will administer the giant and increasingly lawless bureaucracy. “The growing demands from emerging countries of the Global South for a UN that reflects twenty-first century realities adds a new factor to an already complex equation,” he claimed. “The old order is dying but a new one has scarcely been conceived. Whoever ends up being tasked with responsibility for managing that change will need considerable skill to ensure that the UN is still capable of contributing to a peaceful, rules-based world order.”

But who is Bokova, the frontrunner for being “tasked” with replacing the “old order” with the new “rules-based world order” envisioned by globalists from Washington and Brussels to Moscow and Beijing? Well, even the sanitized version of her past ought to be enough to raise alarm bells. Most recently, she was in Moscow last week celebrating “Victory Day” to the tune of the Soviet National Anthem with Putin, Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, and other communist and socialist tyrants from around the world. Hammer-and-sickle flags fluttered in the wind at the event as Putin’s military machine awed the crowd of foreign despots and UN officials.

Bokova’s current job, director-general of the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), secured with support from Obama, also ought to raise concerns. Her selection to lead that body drew widespread condemnation from survivors of communist Bulgarian gulags — and for good reason. “The new Director General of UNESCO belongs to a small, powerful layer, which has ruined Bulgaria, and is only playing a game of democracy, as long as its privileges are not taken away,” explained renowned German-Bulgarian analyst Iliya Troyanov in a widely cited article slamming the decision, adding that two gulag survivors from Bulgaria had declared Bokova’s election to be “shameful for us all.”

However, while shameful, it was not surprising. The scandal-plagued UN organization, which is seeking to become the global education establishment and developed a “World Core Curriculum” to indoctrinate all of humanity, was such a hot-bed of communists, criminals, dictators, Islamists, mass-murderers, and anti-American radicals that the Ronald Reagan administration withdrew U.S. membership in it. “UNESCO was founded to promote the principles of humanism,” Bokova boasted again recently in an interview with state-run Russian media, without noting that humanism is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity and is, in fact, a direct assault on it. “This idea was important 70 years ago and is still vital.”

Aside from being a devoted “humanist,” Bokova is also what is known as a “red-diaper baby” — a child born to devoted communist parents. In fact, her father, aside from being a communist politician and Politburo member in the savage regime ruling over the “People's Republic of Bulgaria,” was also editor-in-chief of the Bulgarian Communist Party’s official propaganda organ known as Rabotnichesko Delo. Estimates suggest that the brutal dictatorship slaughtered somewhere between 100,000 and 250,000 people — dissidents, Christians, and others. The real numbers could be even higher. In Statistics of Democide: Democide and Mass Murder since 1900, political science Professor Emeritus R.J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii put the body count racked up by the Bulgarian communists at around 222,000. Many more were ruthlessly tortured and persecuted.

Despite those atrocities, Bokova herself was an enthusiastic youth member of the Bulgarian Communist Party, later becoming an adult member and even serving in various capacities within the brutal dictatorship. She remained within the party after it rebranded itself the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) following the apparent collapse of the communist terror regime. As William F. Jasper recently explained, however, the name change of the Communist Party was primarily so “the communists could not only continue running Bulgaria as newly branded ‘socialists,’ but also benefit from the aid, loans, and investments being handed out by the United States and the European Union.” They are still in charge today.

Bokova continues her involvement in the re-branded communist party, which is now part of the global tyranny-promoting Socialist International network. The alliance of communist and socialist political parties around the world regularly meets to demand global government, planetary socialism, and more. Recently, their annual Congress was hosted by the African National Congress-South African Communist Party regime, which has been linked by the world’s top expert on genocide to promoting the extermination of an entire nation. In fact, its leader regularly sings songs, in public and in front of his military, advocating genocide against the embattled Afrikaner minority.

Despite trying to downplay her communist “past” and her links to one of the most savage tyrannies of the last century, Bokova is as red as they come, analysts say. “Beneath her unassuming exterior, she was a tough and loyal Communist apparatchik,” said Rossen Vassilev, who served at the Bulgarian Mission to the UN in New York from January 1980 until his defection to the West in July 1988. “But her stay in New York was cut short after the State Department rejected for nearly two years the accreditation of her journalist-husband, Liubomir Kolarov, most likely because of his known association with Communist Bulgaria's spy agency, the DS.” She might have also been recalled due to an extramarital affair she was having, Vassilev added.

The UNESCO boss and leading contender to run the full UN has also held numerous government posts in Bulgaria as a member of the rebranded communist party. “She served two terms in the Bulgarian Parliament as a crypto-communist member of the BSP, and then served as foreign minister in the Cabinet of BSP Prime Minister Zhan Videnov, who was revealed to have been an agent of the Bulgarian branch of the KGB,” TNA's Jasper reported in a recent article about UNESCO’s plot to produce “world citizens” using government schools. “Last year Bokova was officially awarded Bulgaria's highest national honor — the Order of Stara Planina — by president Rosen Plevneliev, who also was a lifelong Communist Party member, until joining the GERB, a socialist party led by current Bulgarian President Boyko Borisov, who is also a ‘former’ Communist Party member.”

Those communists and criminals, most of whom were never punished for their crimes and murders after the alleged collapse of the Communist Eastern bloc, were the ones who nominated Bokova to lead UNESCO, and now, the UN. In the West, Bokova has also been warmly received. The New York Times, for example, infamous for deliberately concealing the Soviet genocide of Ukrainians from the American public, has emerged as a top cheerleader for Bokova’s aspirations. She also attended the University of Maryland for six months on a scholarship provided by the globalist Ford Foundation and became a close friend of former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who said the lives of 500,000 Iraqi children was the acceptable price of sanctions.

The communist’s bid is being celebrated as an opportunity to give Third World autocrats a bigger voice in “global government” as humanity is prepared for what globalists refer to as their new, “multi-polar” world order. However, with the globalist establishment on both sides of the manufactured “East vs. West” divide cheering for Bokova to lead the UN, the scandalous effort may finally be enough to force the U.S. Congress to put its foot down. Americans should demand that the U.S. government completely withdraw from and defund the UN — and having an actual communist in charge might just serve as the catalyst to do that. For the sake of liberty, prosperity, and common sense, it is time for the UN to be relegated to ash heap of history.

Photo of Irina Bokova: AP Images

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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