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American Natives Ask UN to End U.S. “Occupation”

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A mysterious “human rights” coalition purporting to speak for Native Americans in Alaska and Hawaiian natives is demanding an end to what it calls the U.S. “occupation” of those states — and it is asking for United Nations and hostile foreign powers to intervene to help secure independence from the United States. The UN and the Obama administration have, in recent years especially, stepped up their “indigenous peoples” campaign to attack liberty. And analysts say the implications of the developments should be troubling to all Americans.

The bizarre demand for UN and foreign government intervention comes as the Kremlin and Communist Beijing have taken an active interest in American secession movements. Senior military hawks serving the brutal regime ruling mainland China have even threatened to arm Hawaiian separatists, according to news reports and experts. Meanwhile, the pro-secession Texas Nationalist Movement was in Moscow late last year for a summit bringing together separatist leaders from around the world — primarily leftists and other revolutionaries.

The most recent news about the Alaskan and Hawaiian natives seeking UN help to “liberate” them from U.S. “occupation” was first reported by the Kremlin-run TASS news agency before being picked up by state-backed Russian broadcaster RT in English. According to secessionist leaders quoted in reports, the U.S. government has “illegally occupied” their homelands since at least 1959. And so, the groups planned to raise the issue with the UN during a “human rights review” of the United States conducted by the widely ridiculed “dictators club.”   

Self-styled leaders of the native secessionist movements in the two U.S. states blasted American policy on everything from the environment to world affairs. “In 1959 Alaska and Hawaii were seized by the U.S. as a result of deception and deliberate violation of the UN mandate and principles, and self-determination process,” the alliance of Hawaiian and Alaskan natives said in a statement. “The UN can correct this error.” The group raised similar issues with the UN in 2010 but went largely unnoticed.

Speaking to Moscow’s TASS agency, Ronald Barnes, the Alaskan representative for the alliance, said the U.S. government is “mismanaging the property they have no right for.” “They take our land and mine mineral resources in large amounts damaging our environment,” he was quoted as saying, adding that his group would seek Russian assistance for its cause.

“It will be 150 years since the sale of Alaska by Russia to the U.S. in 2017,” Barnes continued. “If we could work with the Russians to present the historical truth and reject the distorted concepts about Alaska and our peoples, I believe it could be a good way to amend the situation.” It was not immediately clear why or how the Kremlin might “help,” or why potential Russian rule would be preferable to remaining under the protection of the United States.

Some Russian leaders, though, have apparently taken an interest in at least some U.S. secession movements. Late last year, the Texas Nationalist Movement, which hopes to see the Lone Star State regain its independence, was in Moscow for a summit of separatist organizations. While the leftist-dominated meeting was hosted by a Russian anti-globalization group, analysts said the Kremlin likely had a keen interest in the event.  

“This conference could not have occurred without Russian government support. Its program is completely in line with Russian strategy,” argued anti-communist analyst and author Trevor Loudon about the summit in the Russian capital. “It is evidence that Moscow is working with both its old leftist base and less than stable elements of the ‘right’ to export chaos and revolution to the West.”

Leon Siu, a representative for the anti-U.S. “occupation” alliance and the self-styled “foreign minister of the Hawaiian Kingdom,” explained his ostensible reasoning for the effort to involve the UN in declaring independence. “Our culture is being suppressed,” he was quoted as saying. “But U.S. actions target not only our culture, but also world peace, because it has a military base in Pearl Harbor. They pollute our land and water during exercises. People get sick because of it. It’s an affront to our land and our people. We don’t want to be part of a war machine.”

Of course, the Hawaiian independence movement gained prominence more than two decades ago when then-President Bill Clinton signed an “Apology Resolution.” The text of the measure “apologizes to native Hawaiians on behalf of the people of the United States for the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17, 1893, with the participation of agents and citizens of the United States, and the deprivation of the rights of native Hawaiians to self-determination.”

More recently, Communist China has reportedly expressed an interest in the Hawaiian independence movement. According to Pentagon consultant Michael Pillsbury, author of the recent book 100 Year Marathon about Beijing’s strategy to unseat the United States, Chinese military officials expressed a willingness to arm Hawaiian secessionists in response to U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. Speaking to the Washington Free Beacon, Pillsbury, who has reportedly held talks with dozens of Chinese generals in recent years, said that the officials often compare U.S. backing for Taiwan to Communist Chinese support for Hawaiian secessionists.

More evidence of Beijing’s interest in Hawaiian independence emerged in 2012 from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Free Beacon reported. “At one point in one of my long discussions about this, one of my Chinese interlocutors said, ‘Well, we could claim Hawaii,’” she was quoted as saying. “I said, ‘Well, go ahead, and we’ll go to arbitration and prove we own it. That’s what we want you to do.’” Of course, the Pacific state, which hosts numerous U.S. military facilities, is extremely important from a strategic military perspective. Clinton, though, has come under fire for trying to hand over vast swaths of Alaska to the Kremlin in recent years — not to mention U.S. uranium.

Elaine Willman, author of Going to Pieces: The Dismantling of the United States of America, has studied the complex issues surrounding tribal governance and independence, and she had a stark warning. “The radical Hawaiian human rights group concerns itself with the rights of only certain humans, so I find such organizations to be oxymorons,” Willman, who is of Cherokee Indian ancestry, told The New American. Beyond that, though, she said the broader agenda of the group “fits in with a perfect storm, totally consistent with Transforming America, by pitting cultures against each other.”

She also suggested that natives and federally funded tribal governments were being exploited for sinister purposes by the Obama administration and other forces. “The national multi-headed Hydra that I see assaulting America is being fomented by the present federal executive Branch,” she said, citing federal takeovers of key economic sectors, the exploitation of tribal governments to reduce state authority and jurisdiction, and the ongoing efforts to divide-and-conquer the American people along every conceivable fault line to advance a totalitarian agenda.    

“Radical race-oriented voices in Hawaii, just like the ‘thugs’ in Missouri, Maryland and Florida, will find support as ‘victims’ when the mob violence begins, and Hawaiian law enforcement will find no respect or help at the federal level,” she added. “We are a deeply wounded country today, so it’s no wonder that ISIS, China, Russia and other potential adversaries are licking their chops to come in and capture the booty in our once great land of opportunity.” She also suggested pro-gambling forces hoping to cash in on tribal casinos may be at work in Hawaii, too.   

Of course, the agenda also lines up well with the accelerating UN and Obama administration exploitation of indigenous peoples — especially in Western-minded nations — to advance their controversial agenda. As The New American has documented extensively, the UN and various Marxist regimes, pretending to be a friend of natives, are using tribes and indigenous peoples as a pretext to attack private property rights, national sovereignty, and more. Obama and his increasingly lawless bureaucracies are doing the same.

In May of 2012, the UN “Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous People,” James Anaya, even ended his “fact-finding” mission to the United States with a shocking conclusion: Americans should return vast tracts of land to Native Americans, including the iconic Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Such a move, he claimed, would help put the U.S. government closer into compliance with the so-called UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples — a controversial globalist agreement that President Obama endorsed in 2010. Ironically, UN “climate” schemes have been forcibly and brutally evicting whole villages and tribes in Africa and beyond under the guise of “carbon credits.”

Meanwhile, radical “activists” in the United States have increasingly turned to the dictators club for assistance — most recently in Detroit over water shutoffs, as well as various instances of alleged police brutality in recent years. The UN has responded with outlandish declarations purporting to order the American people to submit to what the planetary bureaucrats refer to as “international law.” And the trends are only accelerating.      

Russian economics professor Igor Panarin, a former KGB analyst, has long been predicting the eventual collapse of the United States and a break up into smaller components. He argues that the Atlantic zone will join the European Union; Texas and surrounding states will become an independent “Texan Republic"; California will fall under Communist Chinese influence; Northern and central states under Canadian influence; Alaska would rejoin Russia; and the Hawaiian Islands would come under the “protection” of Japan and China.

Obviously, there is nothing inherently wrong with self-determination and even secession. In fact, the United States exists today as an independent nation because it seceded from British tyranny. Even though the states that make up the union have a right to secede, it might not end up being a positive development for good governance and freedom — especially considering the fact that the problem is not the U.S. Constitution, but the abuse of it by politicians. Nullification of unconstitutional federal acts at the state level is an excellent strategy for reining in such abuses. Still, there are plenty of good Americans and constitutionalists — by no means tools or dupes of Moscow, Beijing, Obama, and the UN — who believe the current situation in the United States is dire enough to warrant a breaking away from the union.

However, it should be greatly troubling to Americans that the Russian and Chinese governments, along with the deeply corrupt UN, are circling like vultures to exploit certain U.S. secession movements — and are even being openly asked for “assistance” by secessionist groups. The implications of the UN, Obama, Moscow, Beijing, Brasilia, and other forces exploiting indigenous peoples should be worrying to anyone who values freedom, constitutional government, private property rights, and national sovereignty. If nothing else, one thing is clear: None of those powers have the American people’s best interest at heart.


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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