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Christ in Rio, Empire State Bldg, to be Turned UN Blue on UN Day

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In honor of United Nations Day and the 70th anniversary of the UN's founding, more than 200 iconic monuments and buildings around the world will be lit up in the color “UN blue,” the controversial global organization announced this week. Among the famous sites set to turn blue on October 24 to honor the UN are Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Empire State Building in New York, the Great Pyramids at Giza in Egypt, Sydney's Opera House, Westminster Hall in the United Kingdom, the Great Wall of China, and hundreds of other globally recognized landmarks across more than 60 nations. The theme of the festivities, UN officials said, is the notion that a “strong UN” will somehow produce a “better world.”   

The UN, widely ridiculed by critics as the “dictators club” due to its largely autocratic membership roster, boasted in a flurry of press releases that it was “turning the world UN blue” to celebrate its 70th birthday. But the agenda goes deeper than that, as UN boss Ban Ki Moon explained in a statement. “I am grateful our Member States are showing such strong enthusiasm in marking 70 years of UN support for peace, development and human rights,” Ban said in a press release put out by the UN. “By turning the world UN Blue for a day, we can light the way to a better tomorrow.”

By “better tomorrow,” of course, Ban was referring to the UN's vision for the world and humanity, outlined most recently in a radical document variously dubbed the “Sustainable Development Goals,” “Transforming our World,” and the “Agenda 2030.” Essentially a recipe for global socialism, the controversial international agreement calls for domestic and international wealth redistribution, enlisting children as “agents of change” and reshaping their values with “education,” a further centralization of coercive power at the national and global level, and much more. Dictators around the world were practically unanimous in their fervent support for the scheme.

Another UN official, Cristina Gallach, UN under-secretary-general for communications and public information, also boasted of the significance of what she called “the initiative turn the world UN Blue [sic].” Speaking at a press conference, Gallach said the publicity stunt would help highlight the “theme” of the UN's 70th anniversary celebrations: “strong UN, better world.” The UN-led initiative, she added, “has had tremendous support from governments, cities, mayors, and locally in many countries ... to ensure this collaborative public awareness of the UN Day.” She was also quoted by the Communist Chinese regime's propaganda and espionage agency Xinhua as saying that local authorities were told by the UN to “ensure that the energy consumed is minimal and that this blue lighting operation has to have green in mind.”

christ the redeemer empire state buildingSpeaking of “green,” the UN, and iconic landmarks, one of the monuments set to be lit up in UN blue this week, the famous Christ the Redeemer monument overlooking Brazil's Rio de Janeiro, was also lit up in green lights in 2012 in honor of the UN's  Rio+20 “Conference on Sustainable Development.” The deeply controversial stunt, which offended Christians around the world, drew outrage from critics. In an interview with The New American at the monument amid the summit, for example, Lord Christopher Monckton, a policy advisor to former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and one of the most well-known opponents of the UN’s supposed environmental agenda, called it “a kind of childish message that the environmental religion is now replacing Christianity.”

Another monument set to be turned blue on October 24, the Empire State Building in New York, has also attracted criticism for its own controversial light displays. In August of 2015, as part of a campaign allegedly aimed at raising global awareness of endangered animals, the building was featured with a giant image of the Hindu “goddess” of death and destruction known as Kali. Christians, especially, were furious. “The devil and his false religions are making a huge effort to prepare the world to accept him,” said Robert Ritchie with the Catholic group America Needs Fatima, saying the display was aimed at getting people accustomed to the image of demons and the demonic. “But to do so he must first get people accustomed to his image.” Noting that millions of human beings have been sacrificed to the entity, other prominent Christian advocates such as Theodore Shoebat said the “goddess” was essentially a representation of Satan.   

In all, over 200 globally recognized monuments worldwide are set to turn blue in honor of the UN. The list also includes Russia's Hermitage Museum, the Great Wall of China, the Helsinki Cathedral, the “U.S. Institute of Peace” in Washington, UN headquarters in New York, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Edinburgh Castle and Westminster Hall in the United Kingdom, Table Mountain in South Africa, Japan's SkyTree Tower, the Alhambra in Spain, genocidal Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe's global laughingstock known as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, various buildings in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states, and more. For the full list of sites provided to The New American by the UN Department of Public Information, click here.    

While the 70-year celebrations will ostensibly focus on, among other elements, the UN's history, much of that history will undoubtedly be left out. For instance, the name of senior American bureaucrat Alger Hiss, perhaps the most important figure in the founding of the UN 70 years ago, will likely not be mentioned at all. Hiss served as executive secretary of the conference that drew up plans for the UN, before going on to become the secretary-general of the San Francisco UN Conference on International Organization that created the UN charter. A few years later, he was exposed as a Communist Party operative and Soviet spy, going on to be convicted of perjury in connection with the charges. The UN's massacres and war-crimes in Katanga, which refused to submit to a UN-approved communist dictator, will almost certainly remain down the "memory hole" at this week's festivities as well.  

Also on the agenda for the UN's celebration of itself will be a concert featuring various global musicians at the UN's General Assembly Hall in New York City. Former UN General Assembly President John Ashe, who served until last year, was recently arrested by U.S. authorities in a massive corruption and bribery scandal surrounding Communist Chinese operatives and various UN-linked foundations. Among the performers will be the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Symphony Orchestra; Communist Chinese apparatchik and “UN Messenger of Peace” Lang Lang, who played a communist-themed anti-American propaganda song at the White House to applause by Obama and China's dictator; the Harlem Gospel Choir; K-Pop duo Davichi; and more.

Separately, the UN will unveil a new globalism-themed piece of “art” by Spanish artist Cristóbal Gabarrón entitled “Enlightened Universe,” a globe of triangles surrounded by 70 people holding hands. “The commemorative statue depicts 70 life-size figures joined in hand around a central globe, creating a human chain of global citizenship, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature, and shared responsibility,” the UN said. “The sphere measures 6,371 millimeters to correspond to the Earth’s diameter of 6,371 kilometers. The 70 figures represent the 70 years of the United Nations.” After its initial display in New York's Central Park, the “artwork” will go on a global tour. It was not immediately clear how much taxpayer wealth would be spent on the UN publicity schemes, nor was a figure released for the total "carbon emmissions" expected to be produced. 

The UN is urging people all over the world to celebrate it and promote its agenda using the hashtags #UNBlue and #UN70. Instead, Americans might seize the opportunity to educate themselves on the UN, its history, its agenda, its outlandish view of “human rights” as government-granted revocable privileges that can never be used contrary to UN principles, the UN's “peace” armies and their never-ending sex abuse, rape, human trafficking, and pedophilia scandals, and much more. Then, concerned citizens can educate their elected representatives and urge them to co-sponsor the American Sovereignty Restoration Act ending U.S. membership in the dictators club and evicting its headquarters from U.S. soil.


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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