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"Be Happy! That's An Order!"

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“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”
     — James P. Warburg, February 17, 1950, testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

The beneficent folks at the United Nations and their allied institutions and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have decided that there’s not enough happiness in this world, and they’re going to do something about that. They have launched the World Happiness Council to bring joy to the hearts of one and all — whether we want them to or not. Seriously. We’re not making this up, though it may seem to have a fictional, Big Brother ring to it.

The World Happiness Council (WHC) is now up and running. Haven’t heard about it? That’s not surprising; but you will be hearing a great deal about it — and from it — in the months and years to come, if the happiness mandators have their way. The WHC is one of the early fruits of an extraordinary event that took place earlier this year (February 11-13) in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Curiously, that spectacular happening went almost completely unreported by the so-called mainstream media. I am referring to the gathering of some 4,000 global notables that officially and unblushingly met under the banner of the “World Government Summit.”

Among the official “partner” institutions, organizations, and corporations that helped the UAE government sponsor the World Government Summit (WSG) are: the United Nations, UNESCO, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the OECD, the World Economic Forum, McKinsey & Company, LuLu Group International, Landmark Group, and such media organizations as CNN, Sky News, Harvard Business Review, and Popular Science.  Among the rich and famous attendees at the event were:

• celebrity billionaire Richard Branson (founder of the Virgin Group, a conglomerate of more than 400 companies);

• “visionary entrepreneur” and government-subsidized business mogul Elon Musk of Space-X, Tesla Motors, and Solar City fame;

• IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde;

• UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova, the longtime Communist Party operative for Bulgaria’s murderous and notoriously corrupt regime;

• Professor Jeffrey Sachs, senior UN advisor and Director of the George Soros-funded Earth Institute at Columbia University;

• Antonio Guterres, the new UN Secretary-General (and former president of the Socialist International);

• United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator Helen Clark, a former prime minister of New Zealand and a leader of the Socialist International;

• former U.S. Agriculture Secretary Daniel Glickman, now director of the globalist Aspen Institute; and

• thousands more of similar ilk.

This was no trifling affair. Yet, the vast majority of Americans, naturally, have not heard word one about this historic development. Again, not surprising, since, except for articles on the World Government Summit by The New American’s Alex Newman (see here and here), there has been virtually no media coverage of this event. So, even while the organized globalists are becoming more brazen in unveiling their world government schemes to a select audience, they are still keeping their true agenda largely hidden — for the time being — from the general world audience. However, when they calculate that they have built a sufficient propaganda network and a large enough support base, you can be sure they will unleash a series of blitzkriegs openly advocating world government “solutions” to a myriad of “crises.”

Although the WSG is in the process of launching a number of programs, certainly one of the more ludicrous (and at the same time frightening) projects to come out of this year’s confab is the World Happiness Council. Sound sort of 1984ish? It should. Imagine a knock on the door and this chilling greeting: “We’re from the World Government’s World Happiness Council; we’re here to help you and make you happy.”

The new 12-member Council, to be headed by Professor Jeffrey Sachs (a member of the world-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations, CFR) will convene twice a year, once at the annual World Government Summit, and again at the UN in New York, according to a report by the Dubai-based Khaleej Times on March 20, 2017. Among the VIPs joining Prof. Sachs on the Council is the aforementioned UNESCO chief Irina Bokova, who, despite her faithful service to Bulgaria’s brutal communist regime, has been a favorite protégé of the Wall Street and Davos sets. Surely she can teach us all a great deal about “happiness,” yes? Ditto for the rest of the UN’s happiness helpers.

A world of bliss awaits us! Instead of all that individualistic, confusing, chaotic freedom stuff; instead of the liberty to pursue happiness — on our own terms and as we define it (and as enunciated in our Declaration of Independence) — we now can rejoice in the knowledge that we will be spoon-fed "happiness" by global experts in this emerging field.

“Infecting” and “Afflicting” With Government “Happiness”

In announcing the formation of the World Happiness Council on March 20, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, declared: "The UAE, under the leadership of my brother His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, believes the role of governments is to bring happiness to their peoples."

"Happiness is a commendable infection,” Sheikh Mohammed said, according to the Khaleej Times. “We want the peoples of the world to be afflicted with it so they could be blessed with goodness. This may require a tangible change in the culture of the government work," he said. "Our initiative to launch the World Council of Happiness has been derived from our values and our conviction that it is necessary to bring happiness and positive values to people," Sheikh Mohammed added. Now, we all have experienced situation's where someone's genuine happiness or kindness has indeed been infectious, spreading good cheer far and wide. But rational people know that this virtuous phenomenon cannot be mandated, manufactured, replicated, or legislated by politicians, governments, or bureaucrats.

In truth, Sheikh Mohammed is merely acting as a front man for the organized one-worlders. This is standard operating procedure at the UN and other international forums: have some small country or group of nations propose the pre-arranged, prepared, global agenda subplots, so it won’t appear that they are originating from the globalists in the United States, EU, and other major powers. Thus, we have the World Government Summits springing forth, ostensibly, under the aegis of some small Middle East Kingdoms run by wealthy oil sheikhs. The reality is quite different.

The new World Happiness Council will receive “administrative support” from the UN Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN), according to the UN. That should not have been unexpected, since it is the SDSN that has been publishing the annual World Happiness Report since 2012. The current (2017) World Happiness Report is the fifth one to come out. And senior UN guru Jeffrey Sachs, who is the principal author/editor of the report, as well as chief spokesman/evangelist for the WHC, also happens to head the SDSN.

The entire rollout of the WHC in Dubai was at least five years in the making. It got rolling on April 2, 2012, when then-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivered an address to the UN Meeting on Happiness and Well-being. Pointing to the approaching “Rio+20” Conference on Sustainable Development (also known as the Earth Summit II), which was scheduled to commence in Rio de Janeiro less than 75 days hence, he proclaimed: “Sustainable development recognizes that our economic, social and environmental objectives are not competing goals that must be traded off against each other, but are interconnected objectives that are most effectively pursued together in a holistic manner.”

“We need an outcome from Rio+20 that reflects this,” the UN’s Grand Poohbah insisted. “An outcome that says that happiness and well-being are measured in more than gross national income — and that they are fundamental goals in themselves.” Thus on June 28, 2012, the UN General Assembly adopted UN Resolution 66/281 proclaiming that henceforth March 20 would be designated as the “International Day of Happiness.”

Open Appeals for World Government Accelerate

From the 1920s through the early 1960s (the post-World War I & II periods), public advocacy for world government by the political, financial, academic, and media elites was all the rage. The quote at the top of this article by James Warburg is a typical example. A Wall Street banker and top adviser in FDR’s Brain Trust, Warburg was a longtime member of the CFR, as was his father, Paul Warburg, regarded as the “father of the Federal Reserve System.”

For half a century, the CFR led a noisy clamor of the rich and famous calling for world government: bankers, corporate executives, authors, professors, U.S. presidents, senators, congressmen, movie stars. One of the more remarkable and undisguised calls for world government is a 1962 report for the U.S. State Department titled A World Effectively Controlled By the United Nations by Lincoln P. Bloomfield (CFR), a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and former State Department official. In the report’s opening summary, Dr. Bloomfield states: “A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which ‘world government’ would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by mandatory universal membership.”

Under this proposal for “mandatory” global participation, Bloomfield stated that the UN (or some other “supranational organization”) would be given the “preponderance of political power,” including the “ability to employ physical force…. thereby codifying a radical rearrangement of power in the world.” Acknowledging that resistance to this radical rearrangement would be substantial and could take a century or two to overcome, this CFR globalist suggested that the smarter, speedier path to global merger and world government "relies on a grave crisis or war to bring about a sudden transformation in national attitudes sufficient for the purpose." Bloomfield explained that "the order we examine may be brought into existence as a result of a series of sudden, nasty, and traumatic shocks." Are you feeling traumatized by the relentless series of sudden, nasty, and traumatic shocks to our economic, political, social, moral, and spiritual foundations?

Due to public pushback, the globalists went into stealth and denial mode during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. They camouflaged their world government program under euphemisms such as “global governance,” “international cooperation,” “peacekeeping,” “nation building,” and “sustainable development.” At the same time, they and their media shills reserved the utmost contempt for “extremists,” and “crazy conspiracy theorists” who dared even suggest that there might be serious planning for world government. I wrote about this in my 1992 book Global Tyranny ... Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order. Here is an excerpt:

This writer experienced a typical example of this derision/denial paradigm in November 1990 at a branch of Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The occasion was a Citizens Forum to discuss "America’s Role in the New World Order." It featured as its three leading participants: Charles William Maynes (CFR), editor of Foreign Policy; Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist David Broder; and Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

All three of these Establishment internationalists enthusiastically touted the newly enhanced role of the United Nations as a result of the Persian Gulf War and embraced President Bush’s oft-mentioned new world order. Attending as a member of the press, I questioned each of them concerning the meaning of the term "new world order" and its relationship to "a strengthened UN." All denied that there were any plans to transform the UN into a world government. "Nobody even talks about world government anymore, or seriously considers it," said Charles Maynes. "People gave up on that idea 30 years ago." Maynes, whose journal is published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, one of the premier fountains of world government propaganda, obviously knows better because he regularly publishes the Establishment world order line.

Guess what? The world government globalists are getting set to go public again — very soon, and in a big way. The World Government Summits and the World Happiness Council are but two of many initiatives and programs plainly indicating that the one-worlders are coming out of the closet with a major offensive to openly advocate for world government. And the UN is the principal vehicle they aim to empower. That should provide sufficient impetus for each of us, at the very least, to contact our U.S. Representative to urgently request his support for the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 193) to get the U.S. government out of the United Nations and end all U.S. taxpayer funding of that criminal enterprise and all of its agencies and programs.


William F. Jasper, Senior Editor for The New American, has been an accredited correspondent at the United Nations in New York and at UN conferences around the world for three decades. He has written two books on the UN: Global Tyranny …Step by Step:The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order (1992) and The United Nations Exposed (2001).

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