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Canada Ejects Serbian-American Scholar, Stops Speech At University

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Srdja Trifkovic, a senior editor at Chronicles magazine and internationally-known expert on Islam and the Balkans, was denied entry into Canada last week after a Bosnian-Muslim propaganda group complained to the government.

Trifkovic was scheduled to speak at the University of British Columbia at Vancouver on February 24, but The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada (IRGC) objected, complaining that Trifkovic publicly denies the alleged massacre of Muslims at Srebrenica, which some authorities doubthappened.

The Institute, according to Ambassador James Bissett, Canada’s former envoy to Yugoslavia, is a gang of “character assassins” who deny one of the major Nazi mass murders of Jews and Serbs during World War II. But it is also a major propaganda arm of Bosnian Muslims, now known as “Bosniaks.”

Trifkovic is author of two books on the history and nature of Islam: The Sword and the Prophet and Defeating Jihad.

He waited for five hours before Canadian authorities ordered him out of the country.

Entry Denied

The Canadian government denied Trifkovic entry because they claimed he was an official of the Serbian government that committed the alleged crimes at Srebrenica.

Trifkovic reports that Canadian officials said he was “inadmissible on grounds of violating human or international rights for being a proscribed senior official in the service of a government that, in the opinion of the minister, engages or has engaged in terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide, a war crime or a crime against humanity within the meaning of subsections 6 (3) to (5) of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.”

In writing to the president of the university, the IRGC alleged that Trifkovic’s views put him beyond the pale of civilized discourse, at least as the Muslims would like to define it:

IRGC is shocked that the University of British Columbia would allow Srdjan [sic] Trifkovic, who has repeatedly and openly denied the Srebrenica genocide to speak at this respectable academic institution. A historical revisionist like Trifkovic should not be allowed to lecture in an academic context. His version of events in the Balkans is inaccurate (as proven by his denial of the Srebrenica genocide) and the Serbian Students’ Association should not be allowed to pass him off as a reliable source.

Denial of genocide is widely considered to constitute a form of racist hate propaganda that is incompatible with Canadian values. Recently, the Parliament of Canada has recognized the Bosnian Genocide that took place in the enclave of Srebrenica in July 1995.

The IRGC, claiming it speaks for 50,000 Canadians of Bosnian origin who were in some way affected by the Balkan war, warned that it would petition the government to keep Trifkovic out of the country. It did just that, and the government complied.

In fact, Trifkovic says, he was never an official of the Serbian government, and he testified at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal, but “[t]he immigration officer at Vancouver decided that what was good for The Hague was not good enough for Canada; but her decision evidently had been written somewhere else by someone else well before my arrival.” He added,

I’ve visited Canada some two dozen times since the Bosnian war ended; ironically, one of those visits, in February 2000, was to provide expert testimony before the Canadian House of Commons in Ottawa. Why should the Canadian authorities suddenly decide to keep me out of the country now, and for transparently spurious reasons? Well, because the Muslims told them so. The campaign started when a Bosnian-Muslim propaganda front, calling itself The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada, demanded to have me “banned” from speaking at the University of British Columbia on February 24. The ensuing campaign soon escalated into demands to keep me out of Canada altogether. The authorities have now obliged.

False Rape Accusation

Trifkovic’s ally, Ambassador Bissett, Chairman of the Lord Byron Foundation For Balkan Studies, explains what the IRGC is: a Muslim front in Canada operating on behalf of “Bosniaks” in the Balkans. Bissett avers that the IRGC went so far as to falsely accuse a top Canadian general in the Balkans of multiple rapes:

During the war in Bosnia, the Muslim leadership in Sarajevo became furious when General Mackenzie — who was representing the United Nations — was not deceived (as many journalists were) by the blatant propaganda generated by the Muslim side and by his insistence at remaining impartial. In an attempt to have him replaced, the Muslims concocted false charges of rape and misconduct against him. These charges were so obviously fabricated they were summarily dismissed by responsible authorities. As the general was able to prove, he was not even in Bosnia when many of the alleged offences took place.

Despite the facts, the “Genocide Institute” continues to slander the good name of General Mackenzie. Its web site contains a long list of so-called rape victims who relate in lurid detail how they were raped – sometimes seven or eight times – by the Canadian officer. They even claim that during some of these rapes the general was "protected" — not by UN troops but by heavily armed “Chetniks.” The stories are so obviously fabricated that to those who know the General personally — as I do — can only wonder at the seriously psychotic nature of individuals who would repeat these lunatic charges.

 Bissett observes that the IRGC’s acronym is, perhaps not coincidentally, the same as that of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

 End Muslim Immigration

Trifkovic’s main crime seems to be that he understands Islam and the goals of its jihadists, and has flatly stated that American policymakers must stop treating Islam as a religion and instead treat it as a hostile political ideology. He has also called for an end to Muslim immigration to the West.

[W]e need an absolute moratorium on the immigration of Muslims into both Western Europe and North America, coupled with the denial of citizenship to all practicing Muslims, the denial of security clearances, and the policy of systematic deportation of all jihadists activists. Once we realize that jihad is a political mindset and that jihadist activities — which are inherently discriminatory against women, against Jews, against so-called infidels — are a political, subversive and radically seditious activity with a revolutionary objective, i.e. turning the World of War into the World of Faith, Dar al-Harb into Dar al-Islam, then we’ll realize that the First Amendment no longer applies. To all intents and purposes Islam ought to be regarded as a violent political ideology rather than just a religious cult.

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