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U.S. Defense Department Announces Step Toward the North American Union

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Another step toward the North American Union (NAU) was announced on Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Defense in its press release noting the “inaugural trilateral meeting” of North American defense ministers in Ottawa, Canada. It was attended by Canada’s Minister of National Defense Peter MacKay, Mexican Secretary of National Defense General Guillermo Galvan, and Mexican Secretary of the Navy Admiral Mariano Mendoza, along with U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

The communique was all about “defense,” “threats” and “security,” key fear-based watch-words decided upon years ago to sell the idea of the NAU to the American people:

By virtue of our geography, our peoples, and our trading relationship, our three nations share many defense interests. Threats to North America and the hemisphere are increasingly complex and require non-traditional responses. Building upon the trilateral collaboration under the North American Leaders Summit process, we share a determination to enhance our common understanding of those threats and of the approaches needed to address them…

We know that transnational threats require transnational responses…

Our meeting today has established the framework necessary to build North America’s resilience by pursuing a practical agenda built on sustained trilateral cooperation on issues related to defense.

[Emphasis added.]

The press release continued on in the same vein, stressing the need for trilateral coordination to provide defense against various threats. Note carefully the deliberate use of these words: “As part of our initial work plan, we intend to:

Develop a joint trilateral defense threat assessment for North America…

Explore ways to improve our support of efforts of civilian public security agencies in countering illicit activities in our respective countries and the hemisphere, such as narcotics trafficking…

Continue to work together to strengthen hemispheric defense forums…

[Emphasis added.]

These words were chosen secretly in advance and were revealed when Wikileaks published a secret 2005 email from Ottawa signed by then-Ambassador Paul Cellucci. Alex Newman of The New American analyzed the email’s contents carefully here, noting that efforts to move forward on the NAU would have to entail a process of “gradualism” and “incrementalism” in order not to frighten American citizens into realizing that their national sovereignty was being threatened. A key part of the secret email explained the process:

Our research leads us to conclude that such a package should tackle both “security” and “prosperity” goals. This fits the recommendations of Canadian economists who have assessed the options for continental integration…

A stronger continental “security perimeter” can strengthen economic performance…

Cooperative measures on the “security” side, a critical focus of current bilateral efforts, can deliver substantial, early, and widespread economic benefits…

[Emphasis added.]

Following the inaugural meeting, Defense Secretary Panetta used those same key words in his support of the NAU’s inch-by-inch surrender of national sovereignty:

This is the first trilateral meeting of defense ministers from the United States, Canada and Mexico…[providing] an unprecedented opportunity to try to bring together our nations in a common approach to continental security

Looking ahead, the U.S. is exploring other ways to improve our defense collaboration and to focus on areas like cyber security and defense support to civil authorities such as law enforcement agencies…

[Emphasis added.]

Singing from the same sheet of music was Canada’s MacKay:

When it comes to the security of North America, none of us can afford to work in isolation, and that has been an easy conclusion to arrive at. Our discussions today began with what I believe is an important dialogue on security and defense in North America that we will continue through regular meetings…

Through our discussions today, we were able to better identify a number of opportunities to better coordinate our efforts on issues related to national defense. We discussed the need to advance a common understanding of the threats facing North America…

All of these steps herald a new era of defense cooperation on this continent. A new effort that I believe will advance security in the Western Hemisphere and around the world.

[Emphasis added.]

Panetta finished off the chorus:

Our nations are more than just neighbors. We are friends, we are partners, we are one family — una familia, un famil — committed to forging a better and more secure future for our people.

[Emphasis added.]

Dr. Gary North was quick to note the flimsy basis for such an overreach of trilateral defense cooperation: “Narcotics trafficking? That is the enemy?”

Anthony Wile of The Daily Bell has repeatedly reprised the theme the forces of internationalism use to scare people into giving up essential liberty in order to gain temporary security. Concerning the efforts to build the NAU using the same strategy used to create the European Union, Wile said:

There is ample evidence in our view that the powers-that-be seek continued global convergence and control…

The Daily Bell itself point[s] out on a regular basis how elite fear-based promotions are initiated and configured to permeate Western culture. Each of these promotions has its goal…the formation and expansion of world government. The pattern is not hard to detect, we believe. One does not have to be "paranoid" to do so.

Photo: United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, left, shook hands with Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay during a previous meeting of NATO defense ministers at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Feb. 2, 2012


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