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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Obama EPA Funding Schemes in Mexico as “Integration” Proceeds

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As part of the ongoing North American “integration” plot being pursued by Mexican and Canadian authorities in conjunction with all arms of the Obama administration’s federal bureaucracy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced some $230,000 dollars in “grants” to two cities in Mexico. The controversial machinations are taking place under the banner of a “bi-national” program tied to NAFTA known as “Border 2020,” or “Frontera 2020” in Spanish. However, the latest EPA schemes in Mexico, while small, represent merely one component of what analysts say is a much broader effort to undermine U.S. national sovereignty.

Ultimately, as The New American has documented extensively, the goal is to merge the United States into regional and even global systems of governance. Top officials have admitted as much, and documents leaked by WikiLeaks confirmed the radical scope of the plot in North America. Pseudo-environmental pretexts, of course, are just one piece of the puzzle — others include managed trade being deceptively marketed as “free” trade, law enforcement, “security,” transportation, military, regulation, labor, monetary issues, and more. Still, supposed “environment” programs have become a crucial component of the broader assault on property rights and national sovereignty that is accelerating worldwide.

In a press release issued last week, the controversial EPA, created by an unconstitutional “executive order,” unveiled almost half of a million dollars in taxpayer-funded “grants” for various schemes along the U.S.-Mexico border. Among the seven different projects, the EPA said, are the expansion of a “municipal oil recycling program” and the development of an “air emissions inventory” in the Mexican city of Nogales. In the Mexican city of Ensenada, meanwhile, the EPA will be doling out U.S. taxpayer funds to supposedly restore the upper Tijuana river corridor.

“These grants will help improve air quality, create a healthier river, and reduce the waste going into local landfills,” claimed EPA “Regional Administrator” for the Pacific Southwest Jared Blumenfeld in a statement. “Communities on both sides of the border will receive benefits as their environment and public health are better protected.” According to the EPA, the spending of taxpayer funds is part of a partnership with the “Border Environment Cooperation Commission” under the “bi-national” U.S.-Mexico Environmental Program known as “Border 2020.”   

Critics were not amused. “While tiny in relation to the trillions spent annually by our federal government, the awards given by the EPA to these foreign entities show increasing disconnect between the EPA and Americans,” observed conservative analyst Hal Hawkins, who edits the politically oriented website. “Priority was given to programs, like the used oil collection in Mexico, that will most likely have zero effect on improving the lives of U.S. citizens, and the several hundred thousand in taxpayer dollars could have been better spent repairing our own infrastructure.”

Beyond the squandering of taxpayer funds — not to mention exploding levels of odious debts incurred by Washington, D.C. — is an even more troubling aspect of the agenda: the assault on U.S. independence. Despite major controversy surrounding North American “integration” schemes in recent years, the EPA openly explained that NAFTA was crucial in its “bi-national” efforts. “Last year marked the 20th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the 30th anniversary of the La Paz Agreement,” the EPA said. “Through these agreements, EPA has made significant investments that have resulted in major environmental benefits.”

EPA officials did not immediately return phone calls from The New American seeking comment, but a cursory review of the agency’s publicly available documents shows clearly that the latest projects are a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to “bi-national” projects. The increasingly out-of-control outfit, which recently came under fire for transferring control over Wyoming towns to Indian tribes by executive decree, claims that “strategies and solutions to address air pollution along the border need to be developed and implemented bi-nationally.”    

All across its website, the scandal-plagued EPA, with its more than $8 billion budget, boasts of its projects with Mexican authorities. However, the schemes are nothing new. In a 176-page document produced almost two decades ago outlining the agency’s “bi-national” ploys, for example, the EPA boasted that its myriad projects are designed to “increase cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico in the environmental arena, and address priority environmental issues of the two countries, both inside and outside the border area.”

While deep cooperation between U.S. and Mexican “environmental” agencies goes back to at least the early 1980s, it has been expanded dramatically — especially in the wake of NAFTA, which established continental “tribunals” that routinely overrule U.S. courts and laws. Among other bilateral schemes, the EPA lists “Cooperative Enforcement” in its documents. Indeed, as part of a side agreement to NAFTA known as the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC), an entire “North American” environmental regime has already emerged and is growing stronger. That agreement, for example, created the so-called “Commission for Environmental Cooperation” (CEC) in 1994.

In a recent document demanding more power and taxpayer money, the trilateral outfit’s advisory committee celebrated “North American environmental policy.” Claiming to have alleged “public” support, the continental body requested a bigger role for the CEC in ongoing negotiations for even broader transnational “trade” regimes, including the radical Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and an emerging Transatlantic super-bloc seeking to ensnare the United States and the European Union. “As integration of the region deepens, so should the CEC's mandate,” the entity claimed last month, demanding, like all government bureaucracies everywhere, ever greater sums taxpayer money. 

Among other areas where the trilateral environmental outfit hopes to impose itself — apparently its bureaucrats never got the memo about the lack of warming for 17 years that debunks the United Nations “climate” theories and models — is stopping alleged man-made global warming. “The CEC is very well positioned to be the forum to properly address climate change regionally in North America,” the advisory committee claimed, citing “the development of regional carbon pricing.” Despite major lobbying by Big Business and Big Government, the U.S. Congress has thus far refused to saddle America with carbon taxes or a cap-and-trade regime in defiance of public opinion.

Instead, as part of the president’s unconstitutional “climate initiative,” the EPA recently unveiled unilateral anti-carbon edicts set to shut down power plants and make energy costs “necessarily skyrocket,” as Obama put it. Mexico will get some EPA “climate” action, too. As part of its “Border 2020” plot, the lawless agency said one of its objectives was to “support the completion of climate action plans in each of the six northern Mexican Border States (as appropriate), and build the necessary capacity to guarantee sustained implementation.” As The New American reported in 2010, American officials have been partnering with Mexican state governments to foist a variety of “climate” schemes on the public.

Apparently, seeking to remain “relevant,” the trilateral CEC environmental outfit now wants a piece of the imploding global-warming pie, too — even as public faith in the UN’s increasingly discredited global-warming theories is plummeting in the face of evidence suggesting global cooling. The transnational entity also wants to “transition” energy and transportation in North America toward what it calls a “green economy” and so-called “sustainability.” Like other anti-property rights zealots, including the EPA and the UN, the North American environmental bureaucracy admits to wanting to exploit Indians to further its agenda, too.

Following a massive public outcry in the United States and Canada from activists across the political spectrum, anti-sovereignty extremists in Ottawa and Washington, D.C., drastically toned down the “integration” rhetoric in recent years. Much of the “North America” scheming even went underground and fell out of public view as outrage and opposition grew. The U.S. government’s official “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” website, for example, was simply taken offline. The bombastic annual “trilateral summits” were also scaled back.

Instead, the Obama administration appears to have become even more ambitious in the effort to subvert U.S. sovereignty and put the United States under the control of assorted unaccountable international regimes. Among the most far-reaching schemes currently underway: the creation of a “free-trade” area with the EU involving “harmonization” of policies, as well as another massive “trade” regime across the Asia-Pacific region including more than a dozen other governments.

While the fanatical and unpopular anti-sovereignty campaign on the North American front seems to have been left on the back burner for the time being, recent developments make clear that the plot is still marching onward. However, with opposition escalating across the political spectrum, critics say the foisting of lawless transnational regimes on the American people can still be stopped in its tracks — and eventually reversed. For now, opponents are working to stop the TPP and the EU-U.S. “trade” regime. Ultimately, though, the objective is to turn the tide and abolish NAFTA and all other sovereignty-crushing transnational schemes entirely — along with the anti-constitutional EPA.

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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