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Globalists, UN, and Big Business Legitimizing Cuban Regime

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Despite the Communist Cuban dictatorship’s more than five decades of brutality, oppression, and mass-murder, globalists and even Western Big Business interests are now involved in an orchestrated campaign to legitimize the Stalinist regime in Havana. From the United Nations and the global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Obama administration, members of the U.S. Congress, and a powerful coalition of socialist rulers across Latin America, the Castro autocracy is increasingly being brought in from the cold after decades of pariah status. In some ways, it has even become a regional power.

Castro apologists and operatives, for example, are seizing on insignificant “economic reforms” to falsely claim that Cuba is opening up and that some elements of the barbaric tyranny are being dismantled. In reality, the Havana dictatorship that has enslaved and brutalized the Cuban people is just as ruthless as it has always been — if not more. The pseudo-economic “reforms,” analysts and Cuban dissidents say, are little more than a bid to keep what remains of the island’s shattered “economy” from shutting down completely. The bogus adjustments are also providing fodder for propaganda to Castro apparatchiks hoping to legitimize the regime.

Among other tactics, powerful apologists for the communist autocracy are promoting an alleged “poll” purporting to show that some elements of the exiled Cuban dissident community have softened their attitude toward the regime currently enslaving their homeland. The survey is widely regarded as a joke due to faulty methodology. Establishment politicians, especially Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and RINO-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist in Florida, have seized on the supposed “shift” in public opinion to advocate ending the five decades-old embargo and normalizing relations with the murderous regime.

Of course, it is a fair question to ask whether the embargo is a good idea, constitutional, or even counterproductive to Cubans seeking to liberate their nation. For most of the politicians advocating a change in policy, though, the true agenda goes well beyond that. Earlier this year, for example, radical leftist Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin visited the Communist Castro regime in Cuba for a week and came back with some startling claims. “[Cuba’s] a poor country, but they have a lower child mortality rate than ours,” claimed Harkin, who chairs the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. “Their life expectancy is now greater than ours. It’s interesting — their public health system is quite remarkable.”

Those ridiculous claims are based on the military dictatorship’s bogus propaganda, not reality — a fact that Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, whose own parents fled Communist Cuban oppression, was quick to point out in a stinging 14-minute rebuke on the Senate floor. Rubio also said Harkin should meet with the dissidents languishing in Castro’s infamous prison camps next time he goes. “I bet you’re going to hear something very different than what you got from your hosts on your last trip to the wonderful Cuba, this extraordinary socialist paradise, because it’s a joke, it’s a farce,” Rubio said.

The United Nations has been pushing the same hoax regarding the Cuban regime’s crumbling “health care” system, masterfully exposed for the cruel affliction that it is in a recent report for City Journal. Incredibly, in May, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) named the dictatorship’s “public health minister” as the new president for its decision-making body, the World Health Assembly (WHA). The regime was also appointed last year to the despot-dominated UN “Human Rights Council,” even as UNESCO honored and celebrated revolutionary mass-murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara, an executioner for Castro.

American Big Business interests are also cozying up to the Castro regime. Last month, for example, U.S. Chamber of Commerce boss Thomas Donohue, whose anti-constitutional agenda lines up well with the radical schemes promoted by the Obama administration, visited the Cuban dictatorship and celebrated the alleged reforms as a “good start.” He also called for an end to the trade embargo. “We're very pleased to be here,” Donohue gushed during his visit. “We're learning a lot about the changes taking place in Cuba.”

Despite the censorship and Internet blockade imposed in Cuba, Google CEO and Bilderberg bigwig Eric Schmidt also visited Havana recently and called for an end to the embargo. “Under Fidel Castro’s younger brother, Raul [shown on left], difficult economic conditions have brought many small liberalizing steps in the last few years,” he claimed. 

As the Investor’s Business Daily noted in an editorial, however, the Cuban dictatorship is in fact stepping up the oppression as foreign cash floods in. “Political arrests in Cuba hit a record 1,120 in May, with 1,000-plus tallies for each month of 2014, putting the regime on pace for 12,000 arrests of dissidents this year, twice the amount for over the past two years,” the paper reported. Estimates suggest some $4 billion from the United States is flowing into Cuba annually even as the regimes ruling over Russia, Venezuela, China, Brazil, and others continue propping up Castro’s military dictatorship with big money. Putin just wrote off more than $30 billion in debts from the regime this week. 

Even the Western press — especially propaganda outlets controlled and funded by government — have been painting a deliberately false narrative of “reform” in trying to legitimize the Castro regime. Both NPR and the BBC have been especially busy on that front. The U.S. government-funded media outlet, infamous for its wild statist bias, even sent a “team” to Cuba to produce a series of glowing propaganda stories about “change” promoting the regime’s point of view. NPR failed to mention even once that repression is surging under Raul Castro. As observed by Capitol Hill Cubans, the autocrats in Havana were so thrilled with the propaganda they even reproduced some of the NPR “stories” in full on regime media outlets.

The Obama administration is also helping to bolster the regime, most recently launching widely criticized “migration talks” in Washington, D.C. In a statement after the “talks,” the Castro regime blasted the U.S. policy of allowing Cubans fleeing communist oppression to remain in the United States, suggesting they should be deported back to the open-air prison island for punishment in Castro’s infamous gulags. Of course, the autocracy in Havana has always despised with special zeal those who seek to flee its tyranny, even murdering women and children on boats for attempting to escape. At Communist Party leader Nelson Mandela's funeral, Obama even shook hands with Castro.  

In a statement about the recent talks, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) lashed out against the “tyrannical” Castro regime. “Having another round of migration talks while Alan Gross unjustly sits in Castro’s gulag and the people of Cuba remain oppressed is a fool’s errand,” she explained. “To think that the Castro regime will abide by any migration accord or agreement is a folly and these migration talks only serve to legitimize the regime while it arrests countless human rights activists on the island. Instead of sitting down with regime emissaries, the Obama administration should stand in solidarity with the Cuban people and stop providing concessions to the Castro regime such as these worthless exercises that do nothing to help the cause for freedom and democracy in Cuba.”

Of course, the U.S. establishment — especially globalists at the State Department and pseudo-journalists in the establishment press, particularly at the New York Times — played a key role in bringing Castro’s murderous regime to power. Astute observers warned he was a communist at the time, but the Times and the U.S. foreign policy establishment painted Castro and his band of murderous thugs as “freedom fighters.” Even the U.S. ambassador to Cuba during the communist “revolution,” Earl Smith, explained in his book The Fourth Floor how the U.S. government armed and supported the murderous revolutionaries in their bloody rise to power.      

Since then, Castro’s regime has played a key role in fomenting revolution and tyranny across Latin America. At the same time, the socialist tide sweeping across the region has been facilitated by Western globalists, as well. Even today at the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, the boss for Latin American affairs is an infamous Castro apologist, Julia Sweig, who has even been referred to by U.S. intelligence officers as an “agent of influence” for the Havana regime. Most recently, with help from the Obama administration, those same forces openly promoted El Salvador’s new “president,” a communist mass-murderer.

While lifting the embargo on Cuba may or may not be a good idea, the notion that the Castro regime is a legitimate government engaged in “reforms” and “liberalization” is both dangerous and absurd. In reality, the murderous communist autocracy is among the most barbaric on the planet. Promoting the dictatorship to key UN posts while the Obama administration seeks to normalize relations with the tyrannical regime is a slap in the face to all of Cuba’s millions of victims.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is currently based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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