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Amid Talk of Huge Funding Cuts, Ex-UN Staffer Calls for Amexit

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President Donald Trump's effort to slash U.S. tax funding for the United Nations by at least half does not go nearly far enough, according to a former UN staffer who saw the horror show that is the UN, up close and personal. Instead, the ex-UN official argued, the United States must withdraw completely from the dangerous, scandal-plagued global body that threatens human rights, human life, and even “the well-being of the world.” Anything less than a full American exit, or Amexit, will leave Americans as accomplices to the atrocities.   

The reason for the harsh words is simple: The UN is filled with corrupt, racist, and criminal staff who engage in monstrous crimes and abuses, including the rape of children, all with impunity, said former UN staffer Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh. And so, by funding the UN, American taxpayers are facilitating and even financing gross human-rights abuses. Indeed, U.S. taxpayers might even be considered accomplices to the UN's savage crimes, she argued, pointing to, among other atrocities, the sexual abuse and exploitation of children by UN “peace” troops across Africa.   

Nothing will change until Americans realize how they are being exploited by the UN, Kakoti-McHugh warned. “The foremost priority of UN staff who protect unethical and lawlessness behavior within the UN is to hold onto their income-tax-free international civil service careers — even if it means destroying lives, countries and the planet,” she said. “When Americans continue to allow their income tax to pay the income-tax-free salaries of corrupt UN staff, we are assisting accomplices to crimes and cover ups.”

Writing in the online Observer last week, the former UN staffer, who worked at the UN Secretariat in New York City, said she has repeatedly been asked whether the U.S. government should cut ties with the UN. “Without hesitation my answer is yes: the U.S. should back away from the UN,” she said. Indeed, the headline and the sub-headline provide a good summary of her views on the issue: “Imperative U.S. Cuts Ties With United Nations: American taxes fund UN staff crimes against humanity.”    

Her list of complaints about the UN, some of which are outlined in her book Anti-Human Rights and Anti-Environmental Practices of the United Nations: Misused American Taxes, is extensive and highly damning. “I’ve found evidence that UN staff practice racism, sexism, sexual exploitation and abuse, corruption, block sustainable development efficiency and are unfair to Americans,” explained Kakoti-McHugh, who was born in India and describes herself as the world's first and only person to to have degrees in environmental science, environmental law, international relations, geography, and sociology.

Kakoti-McHugh's great-grandfather was the prime minister of what is today the Indian state of Assam. He was also apparently an ally of Mahatma Gandhi, who supported and was consulted during the drafting of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights — “not knowing that racist, sexist and corrupt UN staff would later behave in opposition to basic human rights.” A number of UN staff, Kakoti-McHugh said, “commit horrific injustices.” UN staff then “cover up and crush these injustices from ever coming to light.” And the perpetrators are rarely punished, as this magazine has also documented.

“To be clear, I do not blame anyone for supporting the UN,” Kakoti-McHugh continued. “I felt the same way about the United Nations until I worked there. But after experiencing UN corruption and racism firsthand, and then researching the UN’s repeated unethical practices, I realized the real UN is profoundly different from the excellent public image it has projected for 72 years. Some UN staff go to great lengths and will stop at nothing — including lawlessness — to maintain their public image. Some manipulate data and prevent reports from reaching the media and ambassadors at the General Assembly and Security Council.”

One example she cited in her Observer piece involves UN staff concealing a 2013 report on sexual exploitation and abuse of children and civilians by UN officials at UN “peacekeeping” missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Liberia, and South Sudan. One version of the document, which was quashed (but eventually leaked) was extremely critical of UN staff and procedures. But the version that was presented to UN ambassadors, rather than telling the truth, dishonestly “depicted the UN as great peaceful warriors abolishing sexual exploitation and abuse,” said Kakoti-McHugh, who is also the founder and director of World Trigger Point. Countless similar schemes have been exposed by UN whistleblowers, many of whom have faced extreme retaliation for exposing monstrous UN crimes.   

“The UN only advertises the good they do for the world and very cleverly and manipulatively hides how some of their staff are accomplices of crimes against humanity including rape, sexual abuse, racial segregation, and racism toward nationals and residents of western developed countries,” she said, adding that some people improperly dismiss the UN's crimes, rapes, and atrocities by focusing instead on the alleged good the UN does. “To me, to victims, and to families of victims, their lives have value. Cheerleaders of the UN would sing a very different tune if they were the victims.”

Kakoti-McHugh appears to believe the UN's brazenly fraudulent numbers about the atrocities its agents perpetrate, citing, for example, 65 cases of sexual abuse and exploitation against starving children in one year. In reality, multiple UN sources, including former UN investigator Peter Gallo, have confirmed to this reporter and in official documents that the UN works overtime to conceal the massive scope of the problem. Even UN documents acknowledge that rape of children and other atrocities perpetrated by UN “peace” troops are massively under-reported. Gallo said it is deliberate, and that UN officials are tasked with quashing as many reports as possible.  

Lest the reader be tempted to assume that Kakoti-McHugh is some right-winger, the reality seems to be quite the opposite. She appears to agree with the ideological underpinnings of the UN, and with many of its pet causes — everything from “climate” hysteria and “sustainable development” totalitarianism to globalism and the pseudo-“human rights” the UN purports to confer on humanity. Indeed, far from being a conservative, Kakoti-McHugh's own words suggest that she comes from the opposite end of the spectrum, what in American politics might be considered the left or even the far left.

In fact, she even appears to buy in to many of the UN's most dangerous narratives. For example, in announcing her book, she describes the UN as “the creator of human rights of the world,” even though the UN “does not practice human rights themselves.” In America, though, the founders said it was a self-evident truth that individual rights are unalienable and come from the Creator, not from government or international organizations. The difference is fundamental, and the two views on human rights are not compatible with each other.  

And she is hardly opposed to globalism or the UN's ostensible agenda. Like other well-meaning people who apparently misunderstand the true purpose of the UN — advancing global tyranny — Kakoti-McHugh believes it is possible to “repeal and replace” the UN with a better outfit. “We should replace the UN with an international organization that is actually worthy of being funded by American taxes and is in action — not just words — aligned with American values of freedom, liberty, justice and equality for all,” she said.

As an inspiration, she cites a controversial American president. “I envision a new international organization that delivers what former President Woodrow Wilson, who founded the forerunner of the UN (League of Nations), wanted for Americans,” she continued in outlining her view on what might replace the UN. “Wilson wanted America to be part of a group of peace loving and civilized nations with a high standard of morality. This does not exist in the current environment.”

Of course, the idea of killing the disgraced UN and replacing it with a new organization — one, perhaps, not dominated by mass-murdering regimes and brutal dictators, for starters — is hardly new. Just last month, The New American reported on an effort dubbed the “Covenant of Democratic Nations” that seeks to abolish the widely ridiculed “dictators club,” and then replace it with an international organization that was open elusively to free and democratic governments.  

President Trump, meanwhile, is pursuing several efforts simultaneously to rein in the UN. One initiative seeks to dramatically slash contributions by U.S. taxpayers to the outfit, which Trump described as an enemy of freedom and the United States while on the campaign trail. Another effort, reportedly being drafted as an executive order, would mandate a review of UN treaties and conventions, with a goal of restoring American sovereignty. And finally, the Trump administration is said to be pursuing efforts to cut the most ruthless and mass-murdering regimes out of the decision-making process at the UN.  

But within Congress and beyond, more than a few lawmakers and experts believe the time has come to abolish the UN altogether — and replace it with nothing, allowing the U.S. government to deal with other governments on a bilateral basis. Legislation in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, dubbed the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 193), would help that process along by ending all U.S. participation in and funding of the controversial dictators club. So far, it has been mostly conservative and constitutionalist forces pushing that solution. But as the truth about the UN continues to emerge, it seems that efforts to abolish the UN will increasingly find support among people of goodwill across the political spectrum.


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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