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Canadian Man Criticizes Homosexuality — Now He Faces Two Years in Prison

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In 1989, two sexual devolutionaries predicted that the homosexual lobby would eventually be able to silence opponents “by both law and polite society.” This is coming to pass, and the latest victim is a Canadian bus driver who, after passing out “safe sex” pamphlets at a 2016 “gay pride” parade, finds himself treated worse than Islamic State slave-master “refugees.”

The Federalist:

Last week a nationwide criminal arrest warrant was put out on a 51-year-old Canadian named Bill Whatcott. Whatcott was in the Canadian oil sands at the time, driving a bus to support his family. It was a rough job — temporary work in remote, far-north Canada — but the only employment he could find just then to support his family of four.

Whatcott was wanted in Toronto to be charged with “Wilful [sic] Promotion of Hatred against an identifiable group, namely the gay community.” The basis for this charge? In 2016 Whatcott had distributed “safe sex” pamphlets at a gay pride parade.

These pamphlets stated homosexuality is associated with sexually transmitted diseases, including HPV of the rectum, which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says is true. The pamphlets also made negative comments about the Liberal party, and stated accusations and facts about several left-wing politicians accused or convicted of various sexual crimes.

For instance, the pamphlets noted that Toronto’s former deputy education minister, who pled guilty to making and distributing child pornography in 2015, had a hand in designing Ontario’s “perverted sex education curriculum.” 

… The pamphlets also included Christian statements indicating that unrepentant support for homosexual acts will lead to “eternal peril” but repentance to “the free gift of eternal life.” The pamphlets were illustrated with graphic medical photos similar to those sometimes required on cigarette labels, which are, of course, shocking. They did not call on anyone to hate homosexuals, or advocate violence, or claim that all homosexuals are pedophiles.

So after what was essentially an all points bulletin (APB) was issued for him, Whatcott drove south and surrendered himself to police in Calgary (video of protest at scene of arrest below). He didn’t even know why he was wanted, by the way. Authorities were looking for him in three provinces, which, as he put it, is what happens when you’ve committed “robbery or murder.” He was shocked when a lawyer friend told him the issue was his parade activism.

Yet the story gets even worse. Whatcott says he was singled out for abuse and denied food and medical treatment. As CBN News reports:

Since his arrest, Whatcott says he has been fired from his job and has been sharing his story on Facebook. He says while in jail, he was at times, denied food and medication for an eye infection.

“I think with the refusal of medications I think there is some direct responsibility with the Remand nurse,” Whatcott says in a Facebook Live video. “So I did go to the Calgary Remand Centre in the evening of Saturday and she could've got my eye drops, they came with me. She just simply refused.”

“She just said I'm not giving you any tonight. It was like you just go to your cell and forget it,” said Whatcott.   

He added, “There was a police officer that took me to the hospital in the wee hours of I think it was Friday night to Saturday morning. That guy was quite abusive. I told him I had an eye infection. He said ‘oh well you've got lots of infections. They got an STD clinic where we can get you cleaned up.’ Just a very ignorant and unfounded comment. And that was his attitude as well at the hospital, just sort of abusive, telling the staff in the emergency that I was a hate criminal” [interview with Whatcott below].

This is what happens when we allow the creation of “hate-crime” law, which as I explained Sunday shouldn’t exist: You can be labeled a “hate criminal” (are there “love criminals,” too?) merely for having unfashionable opinions.

Moreover, how long before “hate criminals” are found hanging in their jail cells, having committed, you know, (assisted) “suicide”?

Whatcott has long been on the thought police’s radar screen. Illustrating how the sexual devolutionaries use the courts to squelch freedom of speech, Canadian homosexual-activist attorney Douglas Elliott brought a $104 million, 2016 civil class-action case against Whatcott and anyone else who might have helped him create or distribute his “safe sex” pamphlets. Note that if “you killed someone, normally the civil penalty is [only] $1 million,” Whatcott told columnist Arthur Schaper. Thankfully, Elliott’s case failed last year.

In addition, the far-left National Post reported in 2015 that in “2013, the Supreme Court of Canada partially upheld the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code; the province had attempted to fine Mr. Whatcott $17,500, to be paid to four complainants. The court struck down part of the code, but upheld much else — essentially legitimizing much of the human rights code that restricts hate speech in Canada.”

And Christians have been delegitimized to the point where Whatcott actually left his native country in 2015 to try to make a life for himself and his family in the Philippines, before later returning to Canada.

Hate-speech law prevails in virtually the entire Western world and has claimed many victims. For example, Canadians Hugh Owens and Mark Harding were both punished years ago for criticizing, respectively, homosexuality and Islam. And even the famous, such as journalists Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant, have had Canadian hate-speech complaints filed against them. (Below is part of Levant’s 2008 interrogation by an Alberta Human Rights Commission official. Watch it and ask yourself if it doesn’t reflect “soft” Orwellianism.)

So, are you happy you live in the United States? Do realize that forces are working to establish hate-speech law here, too. I explained their tactics in my 2006 piece “How We Will Lose Our Freedom of Speech.” In brief, social engineers have already established culturally the concept of “hate speech”; they also punish it within a certain context. That is, using the wrong language during the commission of crime can get it deemed a “hate crime” and bring harsher consequences. It’s then just perhaps another step between this and punishing unfashionable speech within any context.

This is especially true when we implicitly transmit to schoolchildren (as we do) not that “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me,” but that “hate speech” is a separate species from anything protected under the First Amendment.

Oh, and the government machinery for punishing speech in Canada, those human-rights commissions?

Every state I know of and many counties already have one. The machinery is already in place.

As for Whatcott, he might be better off if he really were a “hater.” Consider the recent case of a Yazidi refugee in Canada who saw on an Ontario bus the Islamic State slave-market boss who’d owned and abused her for months. When she informed a government official that this monster was also enjoying refugee status in Canada, she was instructed, “Don’t tell anyone.”

No, because now that she has, people could get the crazy notion that leftist Western governments really do hate Christians and want to destroy Christian civilization.

Image: screenshot from YouTube video of interview with Bill Whatcott

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