The Office of the United States Trade Representative has released the full text of the NAFTA replacement, named the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Call it fake news meets Sesame Street. It wasn’t enough that the young were being indoctrinated in schools and via entertainment — now the Canadian government is targeting children with political propaganda through a news platform called CBC Kids News. Of course, though, while the reporters are child actors reading lines, the material is written by adults behind the scenes.

In his second speech to the United Nations, President Donald Trump delivered a stinging rebuke to globalism and “global governance,” calling on responsible nations everywhere to defend their national sovereignty from all attacks. The U.S. president also ridiculed key globalist institutions such as the disgraced UN “Human Rights Council” and the Orwellian “International Criminal Court.” Instead of globalism, Trump called for patriotism. Instead of global governance, he touted unique nations protecting their own cultures, traditions, and sovereignty. Obviously, the globalists and tyrants in the room were not amused. Some even laughed out loud, literally. But if Trump plays his cards right, he and the American people will have the last laugh. 

A group of leftist organizations want to stay in NAFTA and use it to further advance their globalist socialist cause.

As talks begin again today in Washington between top people from the United States and Canada over revisions to the inaccurately-named North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the pressure is all on Canada.

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