Should Mexico be declared an enemy nation? This question is more valid than ever now that our southern neighbor’s presumptive next president has declared that invading the United States — i.e., mass, uncontrolled migration — is a “human right.”

The Supreme Court in Canada has ruled that a Canadian evangelical Christian university can be denied accreditation for its law school simply because it supports traditional marriage.

Amid the imposition of tariffs and a high-profile spat with far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, White House officials have been publicly pledging that negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are ongoing — sort of. Globalist advocates of the sovereignty-shredding “free trade” scheme, though, are starting to get nervous about the future of their agenda to undermine national independence and self-government across the continent via “trade.” And there may be a good reason for their concerns, as Trump tries to move toward bilateral talks. Establishment-minded Republican senators, meanwhile, are demanding that Trump deliver a deal by Labor Day. But as of now, the prospect of that happening appears slim.

President Trump should be thanked, not bashed, for rejecting the Charlevoix G7 Summit Communique.

The usual one-world voices in Big Media’s bloviator choir are in an uproar over President Trump’s refusal to knuckle under and go along with the G7 summit’s definition of “world order.”

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