With the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, many held out hope that freedom would get a boost in the island nation under the heel of communism. But sadly, the new boss may be just like the old boss.

VIDEO - The United Nations is pushing sustainable development goals, also known as “Agenda 2030”, which is contrived of 17 goals which the United Nations aims to achieve globally by the year 2030. Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman breaks down a few of these goals and shows that the real agenda is global tyranny. Alex’s findings should be beyond alarming for Americans and humanity as a whole.
VIDEO - In this video, Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman with The New American exposes the farce that is the United Nations Human Rights Council. The organization is dominated by dictators of different varieties--Communist China and Cuba, Islamist Saudi Arabia, and so on. It is a disgrace to the cause of human freedom. Alex argues that it's time for this disgrace to be defunded and abolished.

Fidel Castro is dead, but the Communist tyranny he imposed on the Cuban people lives on. Unfortunately, much of the American media are trying to bury the truth about his murderous regime — and those in America who helped Castro come to power — with him.

The provisions of NAFTA may very well allow President Trump to act on his own to change tariff rates, force negotiations to modify the pact, or even withdraw the United States from it.

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