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Media Hypes UN Fear-mongering Before Rio+20 Sustainability Summit

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As governments and dictators around the world prepare for the upcoming “Rio+20” United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the establishment press is hyping — rather than questioning — a dubious new UN report claiming that humanity’s failure to adopt so-called “sustainability” schemes threatens the Earth. Among the global entity’s controversial recommendations: less people, less consumption, “lifestyle modifications,” and a “shift” toward new “equity-based values.”

According to the UN report, dubbed the fifth “Global Environmental Outlook” (GEO-5), the Earth is in danger – and as always, it’s your fault. Humanity is the enemy. There are simply too many people consuming too many resources, and it will eventually bring about a cataclysm, the paper claims. However, if the global population promptly submits to the international body’s myriad demands, the UN implausibly alleges, it might still be possible to save the world.

Of course, it will not be easy. Or cheap. Individual liberty, self-governance, national sovereignty, and the human population — that means you and your family — will all have to be curtailed, according to the report. Meanwhile, the fortunate people who remain will have to consume a lot less — in other words, become much poorer — to be what the UN considers “sustainable.”

“Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean share the common problems of population growth and increasing consumption,” noted the UN, bizarrely attacking human beings and decreasing levels of poverty as “problems” to be solved by the global bureaucracy. In the developed world, meanwhile, more poverty is needed as well: “Europe and North America continue to operate at unsustainable levels of consumption,” the global entity claimed in its report.

To hide the fact that the planetary central-planning schemes will, if adopted, be making everyone except the elite and UN bureaucrats poorer, the report suggests ditching traditional indicators of progress and well-being such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Instead, governments must adopt new measurements: “a redefinition of wealth … to a more sustainable metric,” as the UN puts it.

“Scientific evidence shows that Earth systems are being pushed towards their biophysical limits, with evidence that these limits are close and have in some cases been exceeded,” the global body alleged. “International cooperation is essential, since environmental problems do not follow national boundaries.” In other words, the world is doomed unless nations submit to the UN — immediately.

Instead of fulfilling its traditionally understood role as a skeptical watchdog — especially when scores of totalitarian-minded rulers are proposing to literally re-shape human civilization and erect what amounts to an all-powerful planetary regime — much of the global press simply parroted the UN’s hysterical claims. From the communist-controlled propaganda apparatus run by the Chinese dictatorship to the increasingly discredited Western media, virtually every article about the UN report and its wild demands was simply a repackaged version of the UN press release with a supposed journalist's by-line on it.

After the stunning implosion of the UN’s credibility following the mass discrediting of its theories on global warming — now known as “climate change” for public-relations purposes — “sustainability” has become the new rallying cry. In fact, UN climate fear-mongering has become such a laughingstock that Rio+20 will likely seek to avoid the subject all together, summit organizers said earlier this year.

But instead of looking back at the collapse of the UN’s global-warming hysteria — its infamous IPCC report was filled with so many basic errors and so much disinformation that credible scientists have long-since distanced themselves from it — the world press continues to take the international organization at its word. More than a few news reports even referred to the alarmist claims throughout the 525-page GEO-5 document as “facts.”

Of course, the UN admitted that it released the report just before the conference on purpose. The goal, critics say, was to have media outlets parrot the hysterical claims before real scientists could have time to tear them apart. And that was supposed to create the political cover necessary for dictators and governments around the world to foist the global "sustainability" schemes on the world population.

"If current trends continue, if current patterns of production and consumption of natural resources prevail and cannot be reversed and 'decoupled', then governments will preside over unprecedented levels of damage and degradation,” claimed Under-Secretary General and UN Environment Program Executive Director Achim Steiner in a press release about the report.

“GEO-5 reminds world leaders and nations meeting at Rio+20 why a decisive and defining transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient, job-generating Green Economy is urgently needed,” Steiner added without defining the term “green” economy, a system the UN describes in official documents as global governance and central planning. “Rio+20 is a moment to turn sustainable development from aspiration and patchy implementation into a genuine path to progress.” 

The UN and its roster of scientists examined an array of issues for the report and concluded that where governments were implementing its orders with sufficient determination, good things were happening. Wherever its “suggestions” and international “agreements” were being ignored — sometimes the report even seized on real environmental issues — the UN essentially claimed the Earth was about to become an uninhabitable wasteland because of human activity. 

“But it‘s not all bad news,” stated the UN Environment Program press release about GEO-5. “The report says meeting an ambitious set of sustainability targets by the middle of the century is possible if current policies and strategies are changed and strengthened.”

While the mainstream press swallowed the claims, however, critics in the alternative media lambasted the UN for its propaganda and its dangerous so-called solutions. “As the unscientific assertions of a global environmental crisis, vanishing biodiversity and over-population become more ‘urgent’ to the UN; the insertion of international governance is being covertly added into the mix as the answer to solve all problems worldwide,” observed Susanne Posel in an analysis for the Activist Post.

In the run-up to the controversial UN sustainability summit in Rio de Janeiro later this month, official documents released by the organization offered details about the plan. Those reports show clearly that if the global body achieves its goals, a new “green-economy” regime will use the coercive power of government to reduce the number of people and transform human civilization in unimaginable ways.

To begin with, the UN “Rio+20” summit — headed by Chinese Communist Sha Zukang — will seek to expand the global body’s powers in an unprecedented manner. On the agenda are new world taxes, trillions in wealth redistribution, and world programs dealing with everything from pro-UN “education” and health to resource allocation and poverty.

“Transitioning to a green economy requires a fundamental shift in the way we think and act,” a high-level UN report explains, adding that the price tag might be so high that a new global currency may be needed to quietly siphon away humanity's wealth. So-called “education” schemes — critics call it brainwashing — will be crucial in the global effort to help “change individual and collective behavior,” as the UN puts it.

The new “green economy” will have to be centrally planned at the planetary level, according to the UN — for “sustainability” purposes, of course. The fact that central planning has historically caused environmental destruction on a scale never seen before in history was never mentioned in the report. Nor was the obvious point that such systems have generally resulted in mass murder, starvation, and a complete loss of liberty — for examples, see the Soviet Union or North Korea. 

“Specifically, in a transition to a green economy, public policies will need to be used strategically to reorient consumption, investments, and other economic activities,” the report explained, using large words to essentially describe using official coercion to control the economy and the people. Meanwhile, every level of government will have to become subservient to the UN agenda. Communist China — with its brutal one-child policy and its half-baked state-run economy — will apparently be the long-term model.      

Despite the UN’s grandiose plans for humanity, however, Americans are increasingly fighting back. The now-infamous Agenda 21 — agreed to in Rio 20 years ago at the previous Earth Summit — has already been officially banned in Alabama. And the tsunami of outrage is growing stronger every single day.

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