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After Brazil Election, Obama Vows Closer Ties With Radical Ruler

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After “former” communist-guerrilla leader Dilma Rousseff narrowly secured reelection in Brazil last week with an alleged 51 percent of the vote, Obama promptly picked up the phone to congratulate her. According to the White House, Obama promised an even stronger “bilateral relationship” with the deeply controversial regime — packed with self-declared communists — which the U.S. government knows full well is at the center of the ongoing socialist takeover of Latin America.

Rousseff, whose communist terror group once kidnapped the U.S. ambassador to Brazil, seemed more than pleased with the adulation and promises from the White House. However, faced with a fast-expanding public uprising, the reelected ruler tried to sound a more moderate and conciliatory tone as her radical leftist “Workers’ Party” — a close ally of the Castro regime ruling Cuba — solidifies its powerful grip over the embattled Brazilian people.

Investors, meanwhile, ran for cover after the election news, with Brazilian markets cratering. Separately, massive and widespread citizen demonstrations across Brazil protested against alleged election fraud and issued fresh calls to impeach the scandal-plagued president. Unsurprisingly, the establishment press, Rousseff, and Obama have all ignored the growing protests across Brazil.

At the same time, a petition on Obama’s “We The People” page asked Obama to position his administration “against the Bolivarian communist expansion in Brazil promoted by the administration of Dilma Rousseff.” Despite far surpassing the necessary 100,000-signature threshold required for the White House to issue a response, Obama has ignored it so far.

“We know that in the eyes of the international community, the election was fully democratic, but the ballot boxes used are not reliable, apart from the fact the heads of the judiciary, are mostly members of the winning party,” stated the petition, which already has 30,000 signatures more than the required number to garner a response from Obama. “Social policies also influenced the choice of the president, and people were threatened with losing their food allowance if they do not re-elect Dilma.”

The petition notes that Rousseff plans to continue her party’s plan “to establish a communist regime in Brazil — the Bolivarian molds propounded by the Foro de São Paulo.” As such, the petitioners called on the White House to take a position in relation to the ongoing expansion of communism across Latin America, often downplayed by establishment analysts as the “pink tide” — but perhaps more properly referred to as the red tsunami.

“Brazil does not want and will not be a new Venezuela,” the signatories said defiantly, adding that the United States should help those who promote freedom in Brazil rather than the communist regime promoting oppression.

In what more than a few analysts described as a phony burst of outrage, Rousseff pretended to be shocked and furious after leaks last year revealed that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) had been keeping tabs on her. The fake “scandal” led to Rousseff canceling an official visit to Washington, D.C., to meet with Obama, whose administration has been busy showering U.S. taxpayer funds on her government and its “state-owned enterprises,” such as oil behemoth Petrobras.

Now, with plenty of help from a key Castro apologist at the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, the two presidents are making high-profile amends on the global stage. “Brazil is an important partner for the United States and we are committed to continuing to work with President Rousseff to strengthen our bilateral relationship,” the White House said in a statement about Obama’s post-election phone call to Brazil’s radical ruler, before it took place.

According to the spokesman, Obama wanted to “personally congratulate” Rousseff and “discuss how we can increase our collaboration to promote global security, prosperity, and respect for human rights, and increased bilateral cooperation on education, energy, trade, and other issues of mutual interest.” It was not clear why the administration would want such cooperation, or what supposed legal or constitutional authority the White House believes would authorize it.

A separate statement released by the White House press secretary the next day also celebrated Rousseff’s reelection. “The President emphasized the strategic value of our bilateral partnership and reinforced his commitment to deepening our cooperation in areas such as commerce, energy, and other priority bilateral issues through our existing strategic dialogues,” the press secretary said after the call. “President Rousseff thanked the President and affirmed that strengthening ties with the United States is a priority for Brazil.”

This is not the first time Obama has gone out of his way to congratulate the radical ruler. On November 1, 2010, a White House statement stated, Obama called Rousseff “to congratulate her on her historic victory.” He also apparently “commended the people of Brazil for their faith and commitment to democracy,” ignoring the condemnation of such a governmental system by America’s Founding Fathers, who established a constitutional republic to protect individual rights rather than a mob-rule regime. “He also underscored the excellent working relationship between the United States and Brazil, and his commitment to deepening this cooperation and exploring new areas of collaboration.”

Of course, the only reason the White House can get away with such wild comments is widespread misinformation in the West surrounding Rousseff, her radical comrades, and her communist-dominated administration. Indeed, despite being falsely hyped as a “moderate” in the establishment press and by many U.S. officials, even the briefest examination of the publicly available evidence would expose the fraud.

For example, just late last year, shortly after using troops wearing United Nations outfits to evict entire towns at gunpoint under easily discredited pretexts, the “moderate” Rousseff was rallying her Marxist-Leninist comrades in the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) under giant banners of Karl Marx and Soviet mass-murderer Vladimir Lenin. “The Communist Party of Brazil, it’s good to say, was the only party, aside from the [Workers’ Party] PT, which stood beside [former Brazilian President and fellow PT leader Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva] Lula in all of the elections since 1989,” Rousseff told the roaring crowd before her remarks were drowned out by hysterical chanting.

The “moderate” Brazilian ruler also celebrated various communist terrorists and the deep bonds between her party and the communists. Rousseff, who has also appointed numerous self-described communists to senior posts in her administration, said the Communist Party was fighting “the good battle” on behalf of the people of Brazil.

As if on a mission to shout her support for the Communist Party of Brazil from the rooftops and shatter the bogus conventional wisdom of “moderation,” Rousseff followed up her Communist Party rally with messages on Twitter about her “solid alliance” with the Marxist-Leninist party. “The Brazilian Communist Party shares with me the challenge of ruling Brazil,” she explained in another post. “It helps me with the force of its political unity.” Rousseff then went on to celebrate the role of the wide assortment of Communist Party operatives in her administration.

As usual, after the latest election, the establishment press continued to misrepresent the facts. For instance, countless “news reports” — even in supposedly market-friendly publications such as the Wall Street Journal — have referred to Rousseff’s radical “Workers’ Party” (PT) as “center left.” In reality, it is a key player in the ongoing takeover of the region by a tight-knit network of totalitarian communist and socialist forces known as the São Paulo Forum (Foro de São Paulo, or FSP).

The cabal, which the U.S. government understands full well, includes the brutal communist autocracy enslaving Cuba, Marxist narco-terrorists such as the FARC in Colombia, the Sandinistas of Nicaragua, and over 100 other political parties that now dominate regional politics. Former PT chief and Rousseff mentor “Lula,” who served as Brazilian president until Rousseff took over, was among the founders of the network. Today, its members rule over the vast majority of Latin American nations, hoping to eventually control the rest as well.

Meanwhile, more than a few reports in the establishment media falsely characterized challenger Aecio Neves as a “right-wing” candidate. In the real world, he leads the “Social Democracy” party and ran on a platform that was extraordinarily similar to Rousseff’s. While he was widely and properly viewed as more moderate than Rousseff, to describe him as “right wing” is simply a fact error in the most basic sense.

After the praise from Obama, Rousseff’s administration also put out a statement about the call. “President Rousseff thanked Obama for his greetings and said the election was important for Brazil and the whole region,” explained that statement. “[Rousseff] affirmed that she has every intention of forging closer ties with the United States. She said she looks forward to meeting him at the G20 meeting next November.”

With Obama so determined to praise Brazil’s radical ruler and forge deeper ties with her regime while showering it with U.S. taxpayer money, it is time for Congress to take action and rein in the scheming. The peoples of the United States and Brazil deserve better.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe after growing up in Latin America, including four years in Brazil. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo of Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva: AP Images

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