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Dictator Alliance Demands UN Tax Agency for “New World Order”

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The world's largest alliance of Third World dictators and governments, known as the Group of 77 (G77) plus China but composed of more than 130 regimes, is launching a fresh bid to establish a United Nations tax agency. It is all part of what the totalitarian grouping calls a “New World Order.” The latest phase of the controversial UN tax effort is being led by the autocratic Socialist Party regime of Rafael Correa in Ecuador, which assumed the rotating chair of the G77 plus Communist China alliance this month. It is being heavily promoted by the propaganda organs of some of the world's most brutal communist dictatorships. However, the scheme also has the support of globalist billionaires, UN officials, and establishment politicians across the Western world.

The G77 alliance of autocrats is arguing, among other points, that international tax policy is being written largely by a cartel of bloated high-tax governments known as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). That much is true, though dictators have been welcome too. The globalist OECD, funded in large part by U.S. taxpayers, essentially serves as an expensive lobbying group for Big Government-loving politicians seeking to extract as much wealth as possible from humanity, while undermining national sovereignty, self-government, and enormously beneficial tax competition. Most recently, the outfit, which critics have long called on Congress to defund, has taken the lead in setting up an information-sharing regime to abolish financial privacy worldwide.

Now the dictators want a say in it all. And so, Communist Cuban propaganda organs reported that the Ecuadorian regime, a close Castro ally, will “promote New World Order from G77.” In addition to demanding a UN tax agency, a key component of the agenda will include terrorizing democratic governments that do not adopt tax policies favorable to the dictatorial alliance. “Tax havens are one of the largest manifestations of savage capitalism,” fumed Ecuadorean President Correa, famous for brutalizing protesters, jailing journalists, and working closely with the most murderous communist dictators on the planet. “We will insist that tax havens be banned to avoid corruption.” In other words, Correa and his allies intend to quash national sovereignty, self-government, democratic institutions, human rights such as privacy, and common sense in their frenzied push to find more loot with which to prop up their failing regimes.

Echoing a recent G77 plus China declaration entitled “Toward a New World Order to Live Well,” Correa also called for the UN General Assembly to “make the most important decisions.” Indeed, at a 2014 summit of the autocratic alliance, the 134 member governments and dictators officially called for the UN General Assembly to be empowered as an “emblem of global sovereignty” as part of their new order. Because the UN General Assembly has less than 200 member states, the G77's 134 members hold an overwhelming super-majority. The same “New World Order” declaration called for a stronger UN better able to implement its “mandates,” as well as a new global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Correa vowed to continue pushing those goals at the helm of the G77.

The latest push for a UN tax agency follows similar demands made in 2015 at the “UN Financing for Development Conference” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Representatives of dictators and governments did approve a motion to have a “UN Committee of Experts on International Tax Matters” meet twice a year. Also unveiled at the summit by governments and globalists were “two parallel tax initiatives,” dubbed Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB) and the Addis Ababa Tax Initiative. Both have major implications. At that summit, the support for the UN tax agency by globalist billionaires such as Bill Gates and George Soros was plain, too. The European Union also played a key role in pushing the schemes forward, as did multiple European politicians. But by having the G77 lead the push for the scheme under the guise of “inequality,” it may sound less absurd to humanity than when establishment globalists and billionaires make the same demands.

More recently, UN “human rights expert” Alfred de Zayas, a far-left Cuban-born “international lawyer,” demanded late last year the creation of “an international Tax Body to fight tax evasion and corruption,  phase-out tax havens, stop competition among tax jurisdictions and abolish secrecy.” The agency he proposed creating would also be in charge of terrorizing countries that did not submit to the UN's agenda to destroy privacy, long considered a fundamental human right but increasingly being demonized openly by the UN and its member regimes. Zayas also dishonestly equated tax evasion, which is a crime, with tax avoidance, which is legal, desirable, and performed by virtually every taxpayer on the planet to avoid paying more than is required by law.   

To justify its fresh bid for a UN tax agency, the G77 grouping claims that its largely autocratic members regimes may be losing as much as $200 billion in tax revenue due to the lack of a UN agency to enforce emerging international tax policies. According to estimates by Big Government-loving globalist institutions such as the IMF, high-tax Third World regimes would be able to collect a lot more in taxes if people and companies did not have the option of doing business in lower-tax jurisdictions such as the United States, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other more economically free nations. And so, last year, the OECD and its allies formally launched a scheme targeting “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting,” or BEPS, aimed at extracting even more wealth from businesses, consumers, workers, and investors to fund Big Government.  

Speaking the day before the Ecuadorean regime took over the leadership of the alliance from Thailand's government, the socialist Latin American regime's Foreign Affairs Minister Guillaume Long said attacking governments that adopt tax policies the G77 dislikes — demonized by the bureaucrat as “tax havens” — would be a “priority” of the alliance during the Ecuadoran government's term at the helm. “The tax haven issue will have a very prominent position in our presidency of the G77,” he said during a January 12 talk in Washington, D.C. “Tax havens,” in globalist and socialist language, are essentially low-tax jurisdictions that confiscate less wealth from the productive sector than globalists and socialists think is appropriate.

The G77 group under Ecuadorean leadership also plans to pursue the creation of a UN taxation agency with a mandate to pursue nebulous notions of “tax justice,” Long added. He said the UN tax agency should be composed of and run by member governments and dictators, rather than “a body of experts,” because “it’s the states which have the real mandate to regulate this.” In addition to the UN outfit bullying and terrorizing jurisdictions that seize less wealth from people than the socialist regime he represents would like, it should also “fight against the kinds of race to the bottom that you can have even between neighbors.” In other words, like the UN, the OECD, the IMF, and other institutions, the G77 and the autocratic regime in Ecuador want to end tax competition between jurisdictions — perhaps the most important check on the boundless ambitions of tax-hungry politicians and bureaucrats.  

As The New American predicted amid the globalist-manufactured “scandal” known as the “Panama Papers,” the phony outrage surrounding those leaks was exploited by the G77 and other pro-UN tax disciples to build support for their agenda. Ironically, the only real scandals involved Third World politicians and communist bigwigs in the G77 stealing money from their victims. But citing the Panama Papers and “security concerns,” Ecuador's Long said there was a “growing consensus” even among Western governments on the establishment of a new world tax regime that would finish destroying financial privacy while fleecing taxpayers worldwide.

However, despite the G77's enthusiasm for a UN tax agency, the reality is that the new U.S. Congress and the new Trump administration are almost certain to kill the scheme, pro-UN tax agency operatives explained in media reports. A senior official with a George Soros-funded outfit known as FACT Coalition, acknowledging the political reality in the United States, suggested re-framing the debate away from a UN tax agency, Instead, he said, globalists should focus on building an “international tax forum” or “upgrading” of the UN's existing tax committee, he said. In other words, Americans and their elected representatives have caught on to the dangerous scam, so less threatening terminology is needed to dupe them into playing along.

The end goal of the G77 plus China and its largely autocratic membership is hardly a mystery — and it will not stop with a UN tax agency or the ability to dictate tax policy to more liberty-minded sovereign nations. Indeed, as the G77 regimes declared openly in their 2014 “New World Order to Live Well” declaration in Bolivia, the agenda is nothing less than turning the UN into a global socialist regime controlled by themselves — and then using it to fleece Western taxpayers to prop up their own brutal, corrupt, and oftentimes totally illegitimate governments.

“We fully respect the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and international law,” the regimes said in the final agreement, calling for the “strengthening” of the UN for a wide variety of purposes. “We recognize that the United Nations needs to improve its capabilities and capacities to fully implement its mandates.” The so-called “Santa Cruz” declaration also called for censoring the media, planetary wealth redistribution, an international “climate” regime to control the world economy, and more. “We stress the importance of the central role of the United Nations in global economic governance,” the dictators and governments added. The UN chief was there to encourage the dictators in their quest for a UN-run New World Order.      

Even in recent weeks, the brutal regime enslaving mainland China, the key player in the G77 alliance, has been openly working to dominate and empower the entire UN apparatus as it pushes for the creation of what it, too, openly calls the “New World Order.” Already, the Communist Chinese dictatorship has its agents running multiple strategic UN agencies, some of which are working to transfer sensitive technology to dangerous regimes, censor the Internet, undermine Western economies, and more. And just last week, following his bizarre keynote speech promoting globalism at the establishment's World Economic Forum in Davos, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping “urged the UN to play a central role in global governance,” according to Xinhua, Beijing's espionage and propaganda service.

The G77 demands are also in line with those of Socialist International, a dangerous and powerful global alliance of socialist and communist political parties — some of which have a history of mass murder and savage oppression. The SI, which was led for five years by new UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, has openly called for world government in the past. It regularly demands global socialism and the fleecing of poor and middle class taxpayers in the Western world to prop up the failed socialist and statist regimes of the world. And it has no aversion to letting genocidal regimes host its congresses, as it proved in 2012.  

As The New American documented extensively, the Obama administration and globalist Democrats in Congress played a key role in laying the groundwork for the emerging New World Tax regime. Chief among the weapons was a little-noticed statute to illegally spy on Americans known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, which has devastated millions of low- and middle-class Americans living abroad. Globalists promptly seized on FATCA to push what became known among critics as GATCA — a global version of the privacy-shredding tax regime. Republicans promised to repeal the scheme in their platform, but so far it remains on the books.  

As the world's dictators and the UN seek to empower themselves to fleece Western taxpayers and businesses, the Trump administration is reportedly working to drastically curtail the UN, its funding, and its powers. However, the globalists, socialists, statists, and totalitarians of the world have no intention of giving up after having come so far. And so, Americans concerned about liberty, privacy, self-government, and prosperity must urgently get to work. Freedom is literally on the line.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo of Rafael Correa: AP Images 

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