The failings and destruction of socialism are on full display in Venezuela, as its starving citizens are risking 60 miles of open ocean to barter for food in Trinidad.

Thanks to Congress and the Obama administration, American taxpayers are expected to pour millions of dollars into a ruthless Marxist terrorist group known as the FARC, the Spanish acronym for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Among other crimes, the Castro-backed terror group has slaughtered and tortured hundreds of thousands of civilians, pumped unfathomable amounts of cocaine into the United States, kidnapped and raped children, and much more. If establishment forces in Washington, D.C., and Bogota get their way, however, U.S. taxpayers will help finance not only the FARC, but the communist takeover of Colombia as well.




Talk about living on borrowed time, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is living on borrowed money. 

Marxist Nicolas Maduro is already working hard to destroy Venezuela. The Trump administration should steer clear of sanctions, and let it happen all by itself.

When the mainstream media cover Donald Trump, it's "fake news." With Venezuela, it's "no news."

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