If Venezuela’s Marxist dictator, President Nicolas Maduro, can remain in power until January 10, 2017, staving off a recall referendum, then he will remain the country’s leader for the foreseeable future because he controls all aspects of the political machine. 

Brazilians aren't buying that the Rio Olympic Games will bring them financial gains; instead, they believe the country will suffer financial losses.

In Venezuela, now a military dictatorship, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino is in charge of enforcing price controls and distributing what's left of products supplied by the crippled economy.

Despite waging a brutal terrorist war on the people of Colombia that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives over 50 years, the Marxist narco-terrorist group known as the FARC is making out like bandits in an Obama-backed “peace” deal with the Colombian government.

Most Olympic games turn out to be massive public works projects, with little to show for the taxpayers' money. Rio 2016 appears likely to continue the trend.




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