It's a standoff. But the battle to remove Venezuela's Marxist dictator is far from over.

One woman is dead and a dozen others wounded in an early skirmish at the Venezuelan border as the United States seeks to deliver food aid to that country. 

While the United States has sent aid to Venezuelans, Maduro threatens to block the aid from entering his country. Meanwhile, Cuba is helping to keep Maduro in power.

Publicly, Russia and China continue to support Venezuela’s embattled Marxist leader, Nicolás Maduro. But privately they are moving to cut their losses as his exit appears more likely and more imminent.

VIDEO - As the brutal and repressive Marxist-Leninist regime of Nicolás Maduro implodes, Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó offers his country the “alternative” of a milder version of socialism. Foreignt correspondent Alex Newman breaks the news that Guaidó is a member of the political party Voluntad Popular (Spanish for Popular Will), which is a member of the Socialist International – the largest network of socialist and communist parties around the world.

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