The impact of sanctions applied to Venezuela’s oil company PdVSA is already beginning to be felt, from drivers in Caracas to Gulf Coast refineries to China’s Communist Party head Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. Treasury Department announced Monday that it would apply further sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company in order to starve the Maduro regime of income.

The hosting of a parade of Russian military hardware in Caracas on Sunday by Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro delivered the message that he is in charge — with help.

The White House has officially recognized National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela, but it will take more than that to oust Marxist dictator Maduro.

The leader of Venezuela’s opposition to President Nicolas Maduro, National Assembly President Juan Guaidó, is receiving support from U.S. and other world leaders.

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