Whether the alleged attack on Venezuela’s Marxist strongman Nicolás Maduro on Saturday was a legitimate assassination attempt, Maduro is taking advantage of it and rounding up dissidents.

Venezuela is suffering and dying from Stage IV Marxist cancer.

Socialism doesn't just destroy the price mechanism, it destroys the culture.

Nicaragua's totalitarian-minded leftist government, led by Sandinista Daniel Ortega, has responded to a growing uprising against the regime by murdering journalists, brutalizing and slaughtering protesters, and terrorizing the public. According to news reports and human-rights activists, the “former” Marxist mass-murderer is also unleashing savage gangs to dispense violence on his behalf and quash the opposition. Dozens have died already. And unless Ortega decides to relinquish power peacefully, analysts expect the body count to keep rising. The chaos has regional implications, too.  

Following Nicolás Maduro’s sham reelection as president of Venezuela, economic conditions continue to worsen and more people are leaving the country to escape its misery.

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