To no one’s surprise, the Marxist dictator running Venezuela into the ground won a farcical reelection to a third six-year term on Sunday.


The Kellogg’s cereal plant in Maracay, Venezuela, closed Tuesday. A note taped to the fence explained why: “The current economic and social deterioration in the country has now prompted the company to discontinue operations.”

Thousands of Venezuelans fleeing unbearable conditions are fleeing to neighboring Cúcuta, Colombia, which has become overwhelmed and forced to deport some of them.

Vice President Mike Pence (shown on right) asked the OAS (Organization of American States) to suspend Venezuela, and our UN ambassador Nikki Haley called on Venezuela's Marxist dictator, Nicolas Maduro, to step down.

When creditors gather like vultures to pick over the bones of what's left of Maduro's regime, can his demise be far behind?

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