Vice President Mike Pence (shown on right) asked the OAS (Organization of American States) to suspend Venezuela, and our UN ambassador Nikki Haley called on Venezuela's Marxist dictator, Nicolas Maduro, to step down.

When creditors gather like vultures to pick over the bones of what's left of Maduro's regime, can his demise be far behind?

Once South America's most prosperous country, Venezuela has now been suffering in dire misery for many months under hyperinflation brought on by its leaders. 


With U.S. President Donald Trump and Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro missing, government leaders at the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, signed a “commitment” promising to keep advancing the cause of globalism and even the United Nations Agenda 2030 all across the region. The implications for freedom and self-government are troubling. The summit, which takes place every three years, was organized by the Organization of American States (OAS), a sort of wannabe European Union for the Western Hemisphere. And while the confab received plenty of press coverage, virtually nobody in the establishment media focused on the important elements — or the threat to liberty and national sovereignty.

With globalists, Marxists, and other shady characters from across the region coming together in Lima, Peru, to advance globalism at the Summit of the Americas, at least one prominent leader will be staying home: U.S. President Donald Trump.

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