The U.S. State Department condemned the October 15 elections in Venezuela, stating "the voice of the Venezuelan people was not heard."

Overshadowed by his remarks concerning North Korea’s “Rocket Man” and the “worst ever” Iranian nuclear deal, President Donald Trump’s views on Venezuela in his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday were soft-pedalled by the mainstream media.

The weight of Maduro's unpayable debt, Trump's sanctions, and Harvey's weather are working together to sink Maduro.

Maduro is a Marxist thug and a tyrant and his people are dying thanks to the imposition of his socialism. But does that justify military intervention by the United States?

Patience is one attribute missing in much of America's foreign policy decisions. In the case of Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro, who is trying to install himself as a dictator, a little patience could solve the problem.