Operation Car Wash in Brazil has, over the last three years, uncovered massive corruption and sped the country's decline. Unfortunately, the investigation has much further to go.

The world's largest alliance of Third World dictators and governments, known as the Group of 77 (G77) plus China but composed of more than 130 regimes, is launching a fresh bid to establish a United Nations tax agency. It is all part of what the totalitarian grouping calls a “New World Order.” The latest phase of the controversial UN tax effort is being led by the autocratic Socialist Party regime of Rafael Correa in Ecuador, which assumed the rotating chair of the G77 plus Communist China alliance this month. It is  is being heavily promoted by the propaganda organs of some of the world's most brutal communist dictatorships. However, the scheme also has the support of globalist billionaires, UN officials, and establishment politicians across the Western world.

Venezuela’s Marxist dictator Nicolas Maduro fired Nelson Merentes, head of the central bank. Maduro refuses to place the blame for Venezuela's collapse on his own socialist policies.

Unable to feed their children, poor Venezuelans are increasingly turning their children over to others as the nation reels from years of socialism.

Venezuela's socialist president, Nicolas Maduro, is forcing businesses to offer Christmas sales and confiscating toys from warehouses to redistribute to children.

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