Venezuela's socialist president, Nicolas Maduro, is forcing businesses to offer Christmas sales and confiscating toys from warehouses to redistribute to children.

Bloomberg reported last Thursday that Venezuela’s currency — the bolívar fuerte or “strong bolivar” — has lost 45 percent of its purchasing power so far this month, with six days to go.

Multi-national companies, such as Oreo cookie maker Mondelez International and Kimberly-Clark, have given up on Venezuela and its leader, Nicolas Maduro, and are getting out while they can.

The economic chaos in Venezuela turned political on Sunday. When President Nicolas Maduro’s National Electoral Council (CNE), packed with his cronies, declared attempts to call for a national recall referendum on Maduro’s presidency null and void on Friday, opposition leaders called it a “coup.” Sunday's raucous display may be the trigger that replaces one Marxist thug with another in Venezuela.

The dire situation in Venezuela, as it succumbs to years of socialist mismanagement, almost defies description. 

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