Thanks to “diminished financial stability,” S&P Global Ratings downgraded China’s credit rating for the first time since 1999.

Overshadowed by his remarks concerning North Korea’s “Rocket Man” and the “worst ever” Iranian nuclear deal, President Donald Trump’s views on Venezuela in his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday were soft-pedalled by the mainstream media.

Finland's vast welfare state, already teetering because of overspending, is in danger of complete collapse because of the country's low birth rate.

VIDEO - In this video, foreign correspondent Alex Newman describes how the U.S.-backed Saudi Arabian regime is destroying Yemen, and how this horrifying war advances the cause of globalism. With U.S. troops on the ground and U.S. weapons being used for the slaughter, this concerns every American. Ironically, U.S. forces are allied with al Qaeda's ally even while pretending to fight al Qaeda. But just as importantly, this enormous humanitarian crisis is being used to help advance the establishment's globalist agenda to build first the Gulf Cooperation Council and later the full-blown EU-style Middle East Union.

After no word on the UK's Brexit for over a year, member of Parliament Boris Johnson, current leader of the Brexit movement, said Britain would have a glorious future after leaving the EU.

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