Meet Jair Bolsonaro. If current polls are any indication of the future, Brazil's next president might be a pro-gun, pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-property rights, pro-free-market firebrand who hopes to lead a counter-revolution against Brazil's powerful communist machine. As in the United States with Donald Trump, the establishment media despises this candidate, and often lies about him. As in the United States with Trump, the Brazilian leader defies the politically correct speech and thought codes promulgated by self-declared elites. And as in the United States, this grassroots uprising is driving the establishment and the left absolutely bonkers. But unlike in the United States, where virtually every poll showed Trump's opponent in the lead, Brazilian polling shows this candidate has more than twice as much public support as his nearest competitor.

First there was the no-true-Scotsman fallacy. Now we have the no-true-Frenchman fallacy, courtesy of France’s de facto socialist president, Emmanuel Macron. It’s quite a bit different, though.

The author of The Art of the Deal should consider the possibility that no deal at all is the best deal for America.

A new report from the Government Accountability Office details the integration of the U.S., Canadian, and Mexican energy sectors.

Under the guise of stopping “hate speech,” outgoing UN “human rights” boss Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein called on the Big Tech companies to “proactively” step up their escalating censorship campaign.

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