Top Navy and Marine Corps officials warned the House Appropriations defense subcommittee Wednesday of the threat of China’s tactic of buying up foreign land “to win without fighting.” Navy Secretary Richard Spencer called the move “weaponizing capital.”

Will the elections in Italy, with anti-EU parties winning, lead to Italy's own exit from the EU, and a domino effect across Europe?

The European Union super-state and the globalist establishment that controls it, along with the open-borders and mass-migration agendas they are pushing, just suffered a massive defeat in Italy's elections. The huge victory of so-called “populist,” right-of-center political parties was almost universally viewed as a stunning rebuke of the EU — and especially of its unpopular agenda to flood Europe with Islamic immigrants while de-Christianizing the culture and smashing self-governing nation-states. Some commentators have compared the outcome to Brexit or Donald Trump's election to the U.S. presidency. However, with negotiations on forming a government just beginning, the voter outrage against the establishment could still be blunted by behind-the-scenes scheming.  

A play with the title Kill Climate Deniers has premiered for its 2018 run at the Griffin Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

It was said they didn’t exist. It was said that anyone who talked about them was an “Islamophobe” driven by blind bigotry to oppose Muslim migration. But now the primary author of Muslim migration into Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has admitted that no-go zones do, in fact, exist.

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