VIDEO - The World Government Summit in the United Arab Emirates brought together leading globalists, communists, and crony capitalists under a replica of the Arch of the Temple of Baal, reports The New American's Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman. Despite not being reported much by the establishment media, many leading fake news outlets such as CNN and Sky News were actually listed as "partners" of the event who shared its "values." This should be a wake-up call to humanity.

Another crack opened in the wall supporting Marxist dictator Nicolas Maduro’s administration: On Monday Major General Miguel Rodriguez Torres, who ran Maduro’s intelligence service until he was fired in 2014, said his country is moving toward civil war.

Establishment globalist Emmanuel Macron, a former Rothschild banker turned Socialist government minister, won the French presidency in a run-off election marred by controversy and allegations of impropriety. And now, with the election behind him, Macron is getting to work furthering the globalist agenda of his backers behind the scenes: building up the European Union, keeping the borders wide open, continuing to expand the power of the state, and finding a way to incorporate the religion of Islam and its growing number of adherents into the largely secular, post-Christian culture of France.

VIDEO - The United Nations has become a cesspool of crime and even atrocities, including the systematic rape of children by UN "peace" troops, The New American's Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman explains in this video. We know this because of brave whistleblowers such as Anders Kompass, Emma Reilly, Rasna Warah, Peter Gallo, Miranda Brown, and Povl Bang-Jensen, among others, who have put their careers and sometimes even their lives on the line to blow the whistle. And yet, instead of rewarding these brave truth tellers, the UN has a long history of retaliating against, terrorizing, persecuting, and attacking them. It is critical that civilized nations put a stop to this UN war on whistleblowers.

The Communist Chinese regime is abusing Interpol's international arrest-warrant system to hunt down whistleblowers and potentially even dissidents overseas, according to victims and multiple media reports that have raised fears worldwide about human rights abuses. Making matters worse is the fact that the brutal dictatorship recently had an agent, Beijing's ruthless former “Vice Minister of Public Security,” installed as president of Interpol. The latest alarming developments at the self-styled international law-enforcement agency have received some international media attention already. But this is hardly the first time Interpol has been used by mass-murdering tyrants and totalitarian regimes to extend their reach around the globe. And it raises a number of key questions.

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