Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to send troops on a “suicide mission” if the Chinese do not “lay off” the disputed Thitu Island in the South China Sea.

Members of the U.K.’s Conservative Party are warning Prime Minister Theresa May that her time is short should Great Britain be forced to take part in EU elections next month.

The United States is attempting to end Cuban and Russian support for the Maduro regime by putting sanctions on Venezuelan ships and companies supplying oil to Cuba.

Amid the arrest of Communist Chinese agent and former Interpol boss Meng Hongwei, the Communist Party of China revealed that all Chinese officials working within international organizations are expected to obey party orders. Obviously, that conflicts with their ostensible job descriptions within global outfits such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Interpol, and beyond. But with Communist Chinese agents now operating across the leadership of dozens of UN agencies, the explosive revelations have enormous implications for “global governance” — especially as it relates to the Communist Chinese bid to lead the scandal-plagued UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Mexican and Canadian officials shot down Nancy Pelosi's suggestion of reopening USMCA negotiations.

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