The chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, said that Iran would change its defense strategy to “offensive” to defend its national interests.

The U.S. Treasury Department announced Monday that it would apply further sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company in order to starve the Maduro regime of income.

Intellectuals may fancy themselves to have big ideas. But they’re a small constituency, and now a group of them is complaining about the patriotism of a much larger one: the masses opposing their European Union imperial scheme.

The hosting of a parade of Russian military hardware in Caracas on Sunday by Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro delivered the message that he is in charge — with help.

The establishment just launched a full-blown attack against medical freedom and people concerned about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, with so-called “anti-vaxxers” and exemptions to mandatory vaccines in the crosshairs.

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